Peter McCormack To Interview Kim Jong Un And Xi Jinping To One Up Tucker Carlson

Peter McCormack To Interview Kim Jong Un And Xi Jinping To One Up Tucker Carlson

Dick measuring is an incredibly important part of journalism, as there needs to be a clear established pecking order of who the alpha journos are. Unfortunately, view count and ratings are not sufficient ways to measure who the top journalists are. Today, society has been thrown into chaos as previous standards to measure who the top j's are no longer applicable. We live in a constantly changing landscape where content creators like Tucker Carlson are becoming the largest newscasters in the world. Peter McCormack is determined not to allow captured journalists like Carlson to one up him.

This week, McCormack announced that he would be traveling to Pyongyang to interview both North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un, and Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping at the same time. Some are calling this the journalistic threesome of the century, easily pushing Carlson's anticipated Putin interview to the sideline. In the past, many would have criticized journalists like McCormack for interviewing dictators, but something seemed to shift after his Bukele interview which got lots of applause. Maybe it is that the veil has been torn, showing the populace that they never had self determination and every government figurehead is ultimately a representation of totalitarianism in their own unique way.

McCormack has assured his audience that Un and Jinping are way better dictators than Putin because neither has invaded Ukraine. "Invading Ukraine makes Putin a blood thirsty criminal. Way more than any of the Western leaders who have invaded countries, funded coups, supported violent civil wars, and bombed civilians. Advocating for Putin while pointing out the flaws of the western nations we live is unacceptable. Un and Jinping are great leaders who have not invaded Ukraine," McCormack Tweeted. His general argument for his unique perspectives that are in line with the BBC news anchors is that the British people are so absolutely cucked, that they consider him a conspiracy theorist for his milk toast, state approved takes.

"Being correct comes secondondary to promoting whatever the narrative that is safer to stand by, and dunking on conspiracy theorists that will be proven correct in six months. In six months the people will have forgotten and you can repeat the cycle."
-Walter Cronkite

McCormack is reported to be very excited to ride in Un's armored train during the visit. While this interview will certainly be groundbreaking, it likely will not get the attention of Carlson who is busy breaking the internet.

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