Peter Schiff and Craig Wright Hired To Lead Up BlackRock Bitcoin ETF

Peter Schiff and Craig Wright Hired To Lead Up BlackRock Bitcoin ETF

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In a  Bitcoin world where financial absurdities collide with bizarre family dynamics, the saga of Peter Schiff and Craig Wright takes an unexpected turn. Picture this: the notorious duo celebrating their BSV ETF at a midget rodeo, both adorned in matching clown costumes. As if the financial landscape wasn't already a circus, Schiff's (only BTC Hodler) son claims innocence while Craig Wright takes him to court, insisting on adoption and a name change to Nakamoto-Schiff.

The midget rodeo spectacle, however, steals the show. Schiff, the financial maestro, finds himself being ridden by Wright, who, with a triumphant flair, declares, "Take my BSV, bitch!" The absurdity of the situation is palpable as the Extra Special Gentlemen (ESG), their chosen pronoun, navigate the rodeo grounds in their flamboyant clown attire.

Amidst the chaos, the financial world bears witness to the Schiff-Wright collaboration at BlackRock. Schiff, famously known for having Schiff for brains, and Wright, who claims to be the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, are now the dynamic duo heading BlackRock's Bitcoin tokens. The financial community scratches its head as Schiff and Wright, in their ESG glory, bring their unique brand of absurdity to one of the world's largest investment firms.

And if that weren't enough, the plot thickens as Schiff backs his gold ETF with proceeds from his BSV ETF, which, in turn, is fueled by the proceeds of Craig Wright's lawsuit against BlackRock. Wright's legal demand for the grand title of Schiffhead adds another layer of peculiarity to this financial opera, where gold, BSV, and egos intertwine in a cacophony of absurdity.

This journey into the Schiff-Wright universe is a rollercoaster of financial contradictions and family follies. As they dance through the midget rodeo in their clown costumes, it becomes evident that the only thing more volatile than Bitcoin's price is the Schiff-Wright spectacle. The pronoun "ESG" echoes through the chaos, ensuring Davos compliance in this comedic circus of financial excess and eccentricity.

In the end, as the midget rodeo's laughter fades, one can't help but wonder: is this financial farce a cautionary tale or a masterpiece in the making? Only time will tell if the Extra Special Gentlemen can juggle their way through the volatile world they've created, leaving us with the lingering question – is Bitcoin ETF the real clown in this circus or just a spectator in the Schiff-Wright extravaganza?

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