Peter Thiel Challenges Paolo Ardoino to a Boxing Match, Winner Becomes Bitcoin Businesses Sole Investor

Peter Thiel Challenges Paolo Ardoino to a Boxing Match, Winner Becomes Bitcoin Businesses Sole Investor

There appears to be a turf war brewing between VC investor Peter Thiel and Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino over funding "Bitcoin only" companies. Both have been increasingly interested in investing in more Bitcoin related companies, but there appears to be a feud brewing between them as they each want exclusivity, likely due to their differing, yet similar agendas. Both are investors in competing "Bitcoin Only" exchanges. Thiel wants companies to sell all their user data to his company Palantir, which is like the private version of the NSA, whereas Ardoino just wants companies to begin using his beta CBDC. Why both these agendas cannot coexist or supplement each other is anyones guess.

Both individuals claim to be libertarian minded, and appreciate the cypherpunk movement, exhibiting this in their own unique ways. Thiel exhibits his libertarian viewpoints by working to eliminate any semblence of individual privacy, as well as historically taking VC money from the CIA. Ardoino exhibits his cypherpunk nature by working hard to dollarize the world using a token built on top of Ethereum and actively engaging with American law enforcement to surveil the tokens use in order to prevent any libertarian activities from happening.

It would seem to most outside viewers that the two would be a good fit to work together, instead of beefing in a boxing ring. But that would make too much sense in a horribly confusing world full of clandestine operations and shady funders. The simulation wants you to keep guessing what happens next.

Not much is known about either individuals fighting style as neither has competed in an amateur boxing bout before. Some are speculating that it won't happen after Max Keiser pulled out of his scheduled fight against Alex Gladstein last minute, leaving fans extremely disappointed. It is rumored that Keiser will be helping in Ardoino's fight camp, as both have grown very close recently.

The future of funding for Bitcoin companies hangs in the balance of who will win the fight. Vegas has Thiel as a major favorite as he has more clear connections to intelligence agencies, likely giving him access to better training. Vegas isn't always right though, and it will be an interesting fight to say the least.

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