PODCONF/WEF Partnership Could Save Us All

PODCONF/WEF Partnership Could Save Us All

Written by Shane Onuiex

Last week, executive chairman and co-founder of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, met with World Economic Forum (WEF) president, Børge Brende, in the WEF’s elite headquarters of Davos, Switzerland to announce a new “alliance” between the WEF and Podconf called the Podconf Economic Development Organization (PEDO). 

“Our vision for the future is bright…” Brende told reporters, “PEDO is probably the single most important initiative since the formation of the Bank for International Settlements”. 

Saylor outlined the organizations goals in a twelve part audio-series that he says will be released during Davos 2025. Comprised of the world’s most prominent Bitcoin and economic thought leaders, the PEDO will tackle the world’s most pressing financial issues and climate initiatives. With only seventeen coveted seats at the economic table, geopolitical leaders and influencers are lining up to see who Saylor and Brende will name as their first chair speaker of PEDO. 

“Each of the seventeen seats will be assessed through Podconf’s rigorous compliance standards to insure nothing leaks.” Saylor said. 

When asked about the reasoning behind limiting the organization’s seats to just seventeen, PEDO Spokesperson Kelly Suarez said, “Because eighteen is too much.”

Saylor went on further to say an election will be held by Podconf’s fair Election committee where anyone with certified Podconf election credentials may vote on their perspective candidate. Candidates include names like;  Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Dennis Porter to name a few. Credentials can be obtained at any compliant Podconf/WEF conference, VIP/whale passes are immediately eligible.

The announcement has sparked controversy among the outspoken freedom sect of “non-compliant” Bitcoiners who plan a nationwide “Compliance Strike” in the coming weeks. MustyDee914, an active participant in the community compliance strike who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Bugle,

“We don’t care if they are ten, twelve or seventeen, PEDO alliance is wrong! It’s just another one of Podconf’s propaganda efforts to bury their tentacles into the Bitcoin community. We don’t need certified compliance officers or ambassadors to remain compliant. We can do that on our own…by not being!” 

When asked about MustyDee’s comment, Saylor refused to comment claiming it was beneath his level of compliance.

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