Reagan, Nixon, Kissinger Knew That Only NGU Can Defeat Communism

Reagan, Nixon, Kissinger Knew That Only NGU Can Defeat Communism

The reason why it is vital for communists to sabotage the economy before taking over is that their greatest adversary is not sound logic or good mental health, but instead Number Go Up. NGU has the power to erase any communistic behaviors in lesbian, urban middle aged white women. The idea that NGU could turn lesbians straight is the prevailing theory as to how Bitcoiners will get girlfriends this cycle.

Mental hospitals were built to commit potential communists to in order to sequester them and ensure the safety of the broader society. Reagan changed this trend by defunding mental hospitals, sending potential communists onto the streets, because he knew that NGU would cure mental illness. He knew that lowering taxes while simultaneously printing money lead to the greatest amount of NGU, almost single handedly defeating communism with the US money printer.

Nixon knew that NGU would have power to not only fund the Vietnam War, but also to debase the entire Communist East, preserving the free and open economic system in the West.


While many Bitcoiners ask "WTF happened in 1971," the answer is that the nation embarked upon a path towards NGU, departing from mediocrity. Do you think the first nation in the world to reach the moon would settle for sound money? It was realized quickly that after reaching the moon for the first time in 1969, to do it again, the printers needed to be unleashed. The communists were unable to get to the moon because American NGU was moving too rapidly.

Many today say that American debt is too high, but economists suggest it is not high enough. Citizens need to ask themselves if they are prepared to go higher and enjoy unimaginable wealth? There is a possibility coming soon that every American could be a millionaire.

Donald Trump will likely win the next election and he is a president that knows NGU just like Reagan did. Instead of his primary political rival being the Nikita Khrushchev and the Russians, it is Xi Jinping and the Chinese. He knows that the only way to success is to remove Jerome Powell from Fed Chair, and get someone in that position that really believes in NGU.

We have the very real ability to influence the future of humanity by choosing NGU and democracy. The more we print, the better off the world is. Weaponizing our financial privilege, dollarizing the global south, insisting on strict KYC and compliance, all lead to the end goal which is NGU.

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