Postmortem: Republican Debate Backfires, Teaching People Politics Are Fake And Gay

Postmortem: Republican Debate Backfires, Teaching People Politics Are Fake And Gay

"Politics are fake and gay," Cody Wilson

The Republican debate was an absolute train wreck last night in the most brilliant ways. The level of moral depravity of the individuals standing on stage was on par with Hillary Clinton, leaving the impression that none of the candidates were remotely better than the Democrat incumbent President, Joe Biden. The leading candidate was absent as he was dealing with a plethora of legal issues, but this did not stop Chris Christie from attempting to debate him.

The goal of the debate was to be the least charismatic and compelling candidate with both Florida governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence giving absolutely incredible performances. DeSantis championed ideas that every other Republican candidate has championed over the past 30 years with zero creativity, while Pence made sure to promote generic conservative values despite the audience knowing what he did at Bohemian Grove last summer.

Bitcoin Magazine's favorite Republican candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy looked like the 13 year old boy who got in trouble after hanging out with the wrong kids. Nikki Halley confirmed to the public that Don Lemon was right as she continued to prove his point that she is way out of her prime.

Fox Business viewers were furious as the debate focused entirely on Democrat talking points as well as exemplifying the border crisis. One of the moderators of the event was a Spanish speaker with a very strong accent. "Don't they know in America we speak American?" one viewer asked.

The debate was clearly a complete misallocation of capital. The only candidate that is remotely relevant is not participating in the event, and so instead you get to hear talking points written by Raytheon lobbyists while getting commercial breaks sponsored by Pfizer.

The ordeal was clearly too much for even the most die hard statists as even they were able to see through the charade which is politics. Last night's debate was likely one of the biggest promotions of stateless currency and voluntarism. The Cathedral seems to be quickly losing grasp of the narrative that casting a ballot on who you want to steal from you, despite the outcome already being decided, is a good and productive. Instead, people are seeing what an enormous waste of capital and resources engaging in coercive theater is.

"I could've bought Bitcoin and been rich instead of donating to all these politicians who get paid by taxing me. I literally chose to give money to people who had the intention of coercing me into giving them more money instead of choosing to acquire money that restricts their power to steal from me. What a waste," said one member of Bitcoin Twitter.

The debate last night was clearly a turning point in the eyes of the NPC tv mesmerized American public, who for a moment could see past the Matrix. It was a moment the likes of someone spiking the punch bowl at the party with Red Pills. They saw that politics are fake and gay.

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