Republican Lawmakers Threaten To Boycott Bohemian Grove This Summer

Republican Lawmakers Threaten To Boycott Bohemian Grove This Summer

Republican House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy has threatened to not partake in the worshipping of Molech at Bohemian Grove this summer. Republicans sited a disagreement over climate change policies as the reason they are considering not attending. Democrats were furious about the threat which continues to represent the division amongst the two parties.

It has been long standing tradition for bipartisan events to be held behind closed doors at Bohemian Grove, which is a camp site near San Francisco. Rumors spread by dangerous conspiracy theorists, have pointed to Bohemian Grove being a place where our rulers partake in debaucherous behavior. The happenings at the grove remain intentionally secret for national security reasons.

Many individuals in government and public life have attempted to hide their involvement at Bohemian Grove throughout the years, but now seem more open about their participation. McCarthy said, "Though I really enjoy all the weird occult practices at Bohemian Grove, it is time to show the radical left that we are serious. Net zero will happen, but just not yet. All we want is for the democrats to slow down a little bit so people do not get as upset as quickly about having their lives destroyed by our policies."

Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen called this, "An act of domestic terrorism." She explained her frustration with the Republicans for not approving a debt ceiling raise by saying, "There's no other option but to extort them by pissing off the old people by threatening to take away their social security benefits in an attempt to forgo a debt default. Failing to raise the debt ceiling is one thing, but refusing to participate in shady happenings behind closed doors is a new level unhinged behavior. It's dangerous for our democracy"

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