Richard Greaser's Guide To Being a Conservative Bitcoiner

Richard Greaser's Guide To Being a Conservative Bitcoiner

Conservative Bitcoiner: A patriotic individual who has read both the constitution and the Bitcoin Standard. They believe in small government like they believe in small block sizes. Freedom means only being coerced a small amount by government.

Can you believe how this country has lost its way? The founding fathers would be in shock if they saw what was happening right now. It is important for Bitcoiners to know that you don't have to be a silly anarchist, or utopian libertarian, and that you can try to weaponize government against others for your own good. You may be a Democrat, driving the speed limit, but at least you have principles. This country was founded under God, and it's important to use Bitcoin to restore it to being a Christian nation. Here is Richard Greaser's Guide to being a good conservative Bitcoiner:

  1. Donate lots of money to Ted Cruz and Cynthia Lummis

Donating money to politicians may be just as important if not more important than your weekly DCA. If you don't donate lots of money, they won't fight for your right to use Bitcoin, and then the democrats will destroy everything. If you don't have permission, you cannot do it, so it's important to always protect your ability to have permission. George Soros won't stop donating and neither should you.

2. Jason Lowery is America First, buy his book  

Strengthening the US government by having them mine and stack sats is really America first. The US government needs to learn to stop giving money for gender studies to Pakistan, and start hodling. Jason Lowery is truly on the inside, fighting the deep state and should be kept under guard in Fort Knox for his protection.

3. Thin Orange Line: Support Law Enforcement Including the IRS

As a convervative Bitcoiner, it is your job to orange pill every single law enforcement official in the US. There's a lot of good cops out there, that just need to be orange pilled. Once they understand Bitcoin, they will start following the constitution and help restore this nation back to what it used to be in the glory days.

4. Have a Bitcoin sticker next to your NRA sticker

You are not a conservative Bitcoiner unless you have a NRA sticker on the back of your car. To let people know that you're not just any old conservative, you should add a bitcoin sticker next to the NRA sticker. This is a sure fire way to tell people that you are against CBDC's and the deep state.

5. Vote with your ballot first, your wallet second

Voting in person is easily the best way to defeat the deep state and to usher in hyperbitcoinization. There is no way to know if your ballet will be counted if you vote by mail, and a good chance that when you show up in person, the voting machine will be down. Even still, at least if you show up in person and are unable to vote, you will have a great platform to complain about on social media. You may even be censored for your complaints. After that, focus on boycotting companies like Bud Light and Target.

6. Lobby for Voting on the blockchain

The blockchain is a public ledger that everyone can see and audit. It only makes sense to have elections on the blockchain. There is no other way to verify that elections have not been stolen. The blockchain is the real revolution that will help the people's voices be heard.

7. Convince Q to do Q drops as inscriptions instead of on 8chan

Q needs to be posting his drops on the blockchain via inscriptions instead of on censorship ridden sites like 8chan. It's the only way for the people to learn the real truth about what's happening behind the scenes in Trump's battle with the deep state.

8. Talk about the constitution a lot

Why talk about bitcoin at the bitcoin meetup when you could be discussing politics and the constitution. People need to know that bitcoin is a digital firearm protected under the constitution and the it shall not be infringed. Only by voting in conservatives like Daddy Trump, will we stop the radical left from taking away our freedoms. You have to say the words, "Our founding fathers" at least 6 times per meetup to make sure it sinks in.

9. Lobby for Bitcoin regulations

Conservatives believe in a free economy which means clear regulations and subsidies for businesses you are interested in. Also a pillar of the free market is taxes, but they have to be somewhat low taxes. It is clear that Bitcoin regulations are needed not only to protect the consumer, but also to usher in the next bull market.

10. Buy My Pillow products with the ref link from your favorite conservative influencer

Mike Lindel's pillows are the cornerstone of American conservatism. In such a dark moment in our nation's history, it is vital that you get good sleep. The left does not have such high quality pillows, so this gives red team an edge over blue team. Keep on pressing him to accept Bitcoin.


America is not lost yet. Bitcoin has the potential to restore the nation to a glory never been seen before. These tips should be enough to get you started on your way to being a good conservative bitcoiner. There is hope for you. You are not alone out there. Keep your head up, band together, and your subset of the Bitcoin community will grow. If the Bitcoin conference continues to go more statist, who knows, you may have the Conservative Bitcoiner stage next year!

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