Richard Greaser's Guide To Being A Progressive Bitcoiner

Richard Greaser's Guide To Being A Progressive Bitcoiner

Progressive Bitcoiner: A brave and tolerant individual who believes both in individual monetary sovereignty, but also totalitarian state control over the economy and your personal property.

It's not easy being a progressive Bitcoiner on Twitter, Nostr, or Telegram. There is a toxic horde of individuals who will mock and ridicule you for daring to believe something outside of the strict doctrine of the cult that Nic Carter used to lead. It is important that the San Francisco dwelling, Tesla driving, solar panel loving, tree hugging, tax paying, trans affirming, left voting faction of the Bitcoin community stick together and not be silenced by those who are intolerant. Bitcoin is for everyone and the community should be welcoming in the same way. Here is Richard Greaser's guide to being a progressive bitcoiner:

  1. Vape don't smoke
Vape Nation wallpaper I made for ya'll : h3h3productions

Smoking is like the internal combustion engine. When you vape, it does not emit Co2 and instead relies on a battery being charged by a coal plant that's not in your general vicinity. When you see a Bitcoiner smoking at a Bitcoin meetup or conference, you can lecture them on how your nicotine intake is more environmentally friendly. Also, all vape products come in non biodegradable packaging but you don't have to tell anyone that.

2. Remember that Marx would've been a Bitcoiner

Marx may be the foundation of your philosophy, and it's important to tell yourself that he would have been a Bitcoiner. He cared about the uneducated, helpless worker which would have benefitted from Bitcoin so he would have liked it. Consider making your social media profile picture of Marx with laser eyes. Feel free to use this one if you like.

3. You can like RFK Jr. even though he doesn't trust the science

RFK Jr. to enrich workers and protect American industries by passing ...

RFK Jr. is truly a man of progressive principles as seen by him running as a democrat and saying nice things about Bitcoin. His stance on the vaccine may be regrettable, though he makes up with it for his willingness to threaten to jail climate deniers. It's just nice to have at least one progressive politician say nice things about Bitcoin instead of having to hear from conservatives like Cruz and Lummis all the time.

4. Orange Pilling Antifa is a good use of your time

What Is Antifa? - The New York Times

Antifa is on the right track with a lot of their ideology. In many ways, Antifa emulates Bitcoin as they are an autonomous and decentralized network of groups. This makes them prime for being good candidates for becoming the bitcoin community.

5. Use lots of bumper stickers on your car

Bumper Stickers in the U.S. - Who, What, Where, and Why? - autoevolution

One important part of being a progressive is letting everyone know you are a progressive with bumper stickers. If you have a newer car, you can go retroactively place Obama and Bernie stickers on your car. It's good to have a mix of both Bitcoin and progressive stickers.

6. Argue with Bitcoiners who post pictures of guns

Enough is enough.

7. Post pictures of plant based meat alternative products cooked in Cast Iron

Beyond Meat releases "meatier" protein-packed burger patty

Despite what you see on Twitter, you don't have to be a meat eater in order to be a bitcoiner. You can enjoy a more sustainable, plant based diet and still cook it all in a cast iron skillet. Even Saifedean likes his beyond meat. The more you post your plant based meat alternatives, the more others will feel encouraged to do the same.

8. Start a Bitcoin conference as an offshoot of the DNC

'He could slaughter Donald Trump': Here's why Bernie delegates at the DNC still refuse to back ...

Everyone knows that the real progressive candidates always get screwed in the primaries. It happened to Bernie multiples times, and it will happen to them again. Why not throw a conference the same week to educate all the disaffected voters on the beauty of Bitcoin?

9. Hang out in AOC's comments to let people know that Bitcoin fixes this

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voted AGAINST $483 billion coronavirus bailout because it's ...

She's so close. She will get it. She just needs to understand how cool it would be to pay for super charging her Tesla with the lightning network. Imagine being the one to convince the first hot politician to like Bitcoin.

10. Convince Jimmy Dore to become a Bitcoiner

Jimmy Dore Explains His Very Bizarre Foreign Policy Ideas - YouTube

Jimmy is a guy who knows a lot about a lot of things. He understands how to end homelessness by just spending more money, while the majority of Bitcoin twitter doesn't. Imagine if he dawned the laser eyes and spoke at the next Bitcon conference. So many people would not only be orange pilled, but progressive pilled.


These tips should be enough to get you started on your way to being a good progressive bitcoiner. There is hope for you. You are not alone out there. Keep your head up, band together, and your subset of the Bitcoin community will grow. If the Bitcoin conference continues to go more statist, who knows, you may have the Progressive Bitcoiner stage next year!

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