Saylor Requests That Bitcoiners Tune Down The Revolution

Saylor Requests That Bitcoiners Tune Down The Revolution

"While Bitcoin is a technology that can circumvent the rent seekers, it is time that we orange pill the rent seekers and forgive them of their horrible crimes against humanity. Everyone including pedophiles, war criminals and thieves need Bitcoin. Toxicity is holding us back," Saylor told an audience of incredibly bored simps sitting atop some strange bleachers at Bitcoin Atlantis. Just minutes before, the crowd had been chanting, "Saylor pump our bags, pump our bags," Before he walked out on stage to speak to the crowd of simps.

It appears that Saylor is asking people to forgive the devastation caused by the ruling class, but also to cease calling them out for the horrible things they've done. Pumping our bags by using the Cantillion effect in order to buy Bitcoin should be a good enough trade off for the average Bitcoiner to forget the hope of living truly free in exchange for permissioned wealth.

When Bitcoin hits $1 million per coin, nobody is going to be thinking about Jeffery Epstein or that the Iraq War was started on false pretenses leading to millions of innocent people dying. Those things, as unfortunate as they are, needed to happen in order for us to stay safe. Without them, we would have anarchy in which no ones would be maintaining the roads, or teaching our kids in wonderful schools.

Kids receiving a wonderful government education, learning about freedom, fiat, and western values

The largest owners of Microstrategy just so happen to be the same ones that helped to manufacture the 2008 financial crisis. This is likely due to the fact that they are learning from their mistakes by trying to get more exposure to Bitcoin through Microstrategy, seeing the structural failures of the fiat system. Their interest in owning Microstrategy goes to show how Bitcoin and Fiat can work together to prolong the dollar and the US Federal government, while making Bitcoiners rich at the same time.

Criticizing Saylor is not what Bitcoin needs right now. Instead, the community needs to ditch their toxicity in favor for messages of unity. Bitcoin is good, big number is good, and anyone who pumps my bags is good. Freedom and thinking adversarially should come to second to chasing fiat profits. Only thinking about the fiat price of Bitcoin is probably the least fiat thing one can do.

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