SEC Approves Black Rock's Bitcoin ETF, Denies The Rest

SEC Approves Black Rock's Bitcoin ETF, Denies The Rest

Gary Gensler has received a lot of criticism today after the SEC announced they would only be approving Black Rock's Bitcoin ETF, while denying all the rest. Gensler took to Twitter to defend the SEC's ruling by saying, "While most American's think that regulatory agencies look out for consumers, what we really want to ensure is monopoly power for the biggest fiat entities. They have black mail power on us and we are hostages. If we go along with what they want, we are rewarded with money. It's a lead or silver type situation." While Gensler is admitting to blatant corruption which is obvious to anyone with a brain who watches how these regulatory agencies work, it shows a tremendous amount of bravery.

Larry Fink voiced his frustration with Gensler on CNBC by saying, "Gary, we know where you live, we know where your kids go to school. We have lots of friends in the CIA who are happy to help us. You don't expose us for what we are. We have worked with the CIA to topple governments, and we will topple your life if necessary." While many are also shocked by Fink's honesty, it shouldn't be very surprising to anyone with a brain either. The CNBC host was seen visibly cringing, likely due to fear at Fink's direct response.

A report by reputable journalist Bob Malakas III said that Gensler had resigned from the SEC, following Fink's appearance on CNBC, citing family reasons. It may be that Fink is currently fleeing the United States with his family for fear of his personal safety, after calling out the BlackRock CEO.

The problem seems to be the a majority of Americans lack the ability to critically think likely due to public education and the widespread dispersement of fluoride in the water. This issue creates many strange circumstances where individuals put undeserved trust in regulators and institutions.

Despite this, everything is great because the Bitcoin price is going to go up so we should all celebrate.

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