Solana Described As Millennial Chain Due To It Taking Excessive Sick Days

Solana Described As Millennial Chain Due To It Taking Excessive Sick Days
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The boomers of the cryptocurrency industry are criticizing the Solana Blockchain for excessive downtime, as the decentralized blockchain is paused by their developers from time to time to allow the chain to experience sick and mental health days. Said boomers are referring to Solana as the "Millennial cryptocurrency" due to it's proclivity to resist working. Other blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum have never been paused, though Ethereum did have a chain roll back to redistribute stolen funds, showcasing it's decentralized nature. Bitcoin on the other hand has not paused operation, and likely could not even if developers wanted to, bringing up concerns that the network could be at risk of burnout from working too hard.

Millennial's on the other hand are praising the developers of Solana for allowing the chain to rest as needed so it can be fresh when it feels like working. "This capitalist system requires us to work too hard. We shouldn't have to work if we don't want to, and definitely should be able to take mental health days as needed. We have a mental health crisis in this country. Also we should take everyone's guns and send them to Ukraine," David Hogg unexpectedly chimed into the conversation. Hogg, an anti human rights activist, has rarely if ever commented on the world of cryptocurrencies.

Fred Krueger threw his hat into the ring to talk about how if Solana had an ETF, any disruption to the chain would not impact ETF holders, and that is why people should exclusively buy the Bitcoin ETF instead of any actual cryptocurrencies themselves for the time being, until the SEC approves the Solana ETF.

All of this brings into light, how different generations view the world wildly differently, causing potential conflict. Boomers value slaving to the system to afford their time shares and Red Lobster, where Millennials value skipping work to go get Avocado toast with their buddies at their favorite brunch place. The criticism of Solana's responsible approach to mental health will likely be a point of conflict between the younger generations and boomers who have internet connections in their retirement homes.

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