Statist Bitcoiner Coalition Organizes Pride Rally Outside Bitcoin 2024

Statist Bitcoiner Coalition Organizes Pride Rally Outside Bitcoin 2024

The Statist Bitcoiner Coalition (SBC), a group focusing on promoting cooperation between politicians and Bitcoiners, has announced that they will be holding a pride rally outside of Bitcoin Magazine's 2024 conference in Nashville. The group seeks to promote the idea that government is not the true enemy of Bitcoin, and that Bitcoin can actually assist the government. The goal of the march is to educate the public that not everyone involved with Bitcoin is an anarchocapitalist, and that many Bitcoiners have statist pride. The group will be flying American flags with a thin rainbow line to show their solidarity with different law enforcement as well as bureaucrats. The event will include speakers, singing of the national anthem, and honoring law enforcement and military with a statist drag show. It is rumored that companies like Raytheon, the FBI, Coinbase, BlackRock, Lockheed Martin, and Microstrategy will be sending representatives to march in solidarity with the group. Politicians speaking at the conference will also likely march with the group.

Thin rainbow line flag

Dan Held spoke on behalf of the group by saying, "In order to get to mass adoption, we need cooperation from the government, but also the statists. People just aren't ready for a message of freedom yet. Making the process of using Bitcoin become more permissioned will appeal to statists who just want to feel safe. Instead of shifting society towards the values of freedom which Bitcoin can promote, we should shift Bitcoin to the current values of society. SBC will ultimately be the organization helping to pump your bags."

While many have criticized the group, individuals using Twitter have been removed from the platform for questioning or making fun of the group. Often times, organizations that align with the values of BlackRock and Raytheon easily find funding, but also protection from criticism on social media.

Bitcoin Magazine is promoting the event enthusiastically as they believe it will likely increase conference attendance, as well as potentially bring in new sponsors. "It is about time that companies from the military industrial complex sponsor the conference. They just need to buy Bitcoin like Microstrategy and their stock will skyrocket," David Bailey told the Bugle. Whether or not Raytheon will be sponsoring the conference is uncertain at the time.

The SBC has secured permits for the march from the City of Nashville, and is requesting that participants submit to a KYC process before partaking in the march.

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