Stephan Livera's Podcast Played Backwards Reveals Satanic Messaging

Stephan Livera's Podcast Played Backwards Reveals Satanic Messaging

The Bitcoin Bugle has discovered that when you play Stephan Livera's podcasts backwards, it clearly reveals satanic messaging. The messaging seems to be the polar opposite of the messaging that Stephan generally shares on his podcast, and oddly sounds very similar to the things that Udi talks about. Satan was saying to keep Bitcoin on exchanges, buy GBTC, and to diversify your crypto portfolio.

Satan has unique messaging across multiple episodes, but the general theme was to trust charlatans and scammers. The psychological impacts of listening to satanic messaging backwards is unknown, but there are likely a group of individuals who only listen to the podcasts backwards in order to get their marching orders from the big guy himself.

It is very clear that Satan does not want people to successfully own and use Bitcoin, and instead wants people to face as many obstacles as possible. Whether Livera is aware of the messaging, or is an unaware medium for the Devil, is unknown at this time. On older episodes, the great Tempter was heard saying that companies like Blockfi and Celsius were opportunities of a lifetime.

This chapter brings up concerns that the dark Lord of Hell is using other unsuspecting Bitcoin podcasters to spread dangerous messaging that puts people's corn at risk. He has to operate more covertly when engaging with Bitcoin content, whereas he can be much more transparent when influencing shitcoiner content, as shitcoiners do not have souls.

The "journalists" over at Coindesk appear to have a strong aversion to Bitcoiners in the same way that demons have for holy water. The good news is that Christian Bitcoiners are launching an inquisition to purge Satanic content and content creators. There are rumors that Livera has already had a Catholic priest over to his podcast studio to bless his microphone in an attempt to prevent future unwanted messages from appearing in his content.

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