Teacher's Unions Inform Parents They Know Better Despite Skyrocketing Illiteracy Rates

Teacher's Unions Inform Parents They Know Better Despite Skyrocketing Illiteracy Rates

Parents around the country are growing concerned as more and more schools are failing to teach their kids basic skills such as reading and writing. Instead, these schools are hyper focused on teaching children communist ideology. One 5th grade teacher in San Francisco brought in a tattoo artist to give her students hammer and cycle tattoos for extra credit, despite her class falling significantly behind in basic reading and writing.

A picture of the tattoo posted on Facebook by one of the parents.

Parents of the 5th graders were shocked to have their children return home with tattoos, while also espousing Marxist/Leninist ideology. Parent's voiced complaints with the school, but were shut down by the teacher's union who threatened to, "Sic the FBI on them for complaining." Despite it being illegal to give a child a tattoo, especially without parent consent, the state of California has taken the approach of supporting the behavior instead of prosecuting it. Gavin Newsom applauded the teacher's behavior by saying that she was blazing a new path for diversity and inclusivity.

All around the country, children are falling behind in learning basic skills that used to be considered important. Instead they are excelling in new activities such as obesity and drug use. Teacher's unions have consistently blamed climate change, lack of funding, and the inability to return to lockdown school at home policies for the issues.

Ginita Clearwater, a spokesperson for one of the unions said, "Our teachers are braving the classrooms everyday. They have selflessly put themselves out there despite the ever danger of covid to teach children important lessons in life. Despite this, parents are trying to make our teachers lives difficult by complaining to school boards about their creative teaching styles."

Teachers unions have set their eyes at lobbying to restrict home schooling, citing that parents do not know what's best for their kids. Joe Biden has voiced his support by saying that, "Children belong to the teachers unions and not the parents." All of this signifies troubling times ahead for parents who just want their kids to be able to read and write as well as to not communist tattoos.

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