Ted Cruz Denounced By Core Devs After Suggesting To Texify Bitcoin

Ted Cruz Denounced By Core Devs After Suggesting To Texify Bitcoin

Austin, TX- Senator Ted Cruz, a prominent Republican politician and a vocal supporter of Bitcoin, has recently proposed raising the Bitcoin block size to 17.76 megabytes. The proposal has sparked a heated debate within the Bitcoin community, with some applauding the senator's efforts while others are skeptical of the implications.

Senator Cruz, in a recent tweet, expressed his support for increasing the block size to 17.76 megabytes, citing the need for Bitcoin to keep up with the demands of a growing economy. He argued that the current block size limit is hindering Bitcoin's ability to scale, and that increasing it would allow the network to handle more transactions and compete with other payment systems. He also went on to state that 17.76 megabytes was symbolic for fighting the tyranny of Joe Biden and the Democratic party.

The senator's proposal has been met with mixed reactions from the Bitcoin community. Some have praised him for recognizing the need to increase the block size, while others have criticized his specific proposal. One of the main concerns is that such a significant increase in block size could lead to centralization of the network, as it would make it more difficult for individual users to run full nodes and participate in the consensus process.

Pieter Wuille and Adam Back responded to the tweet explaining to the senator that this issue had been hashed out in 2017. Gavin Andreeson was quick to jump in and share his support for the increase.

Senator Cruz's proposal has sparked an important conversation within the Bitcoin community about the future of the network. While the specific proposal may not be ideal, it has highlighted the need for continued innovation and improvement in Bitcoin's infrastructure.

Ultimately, any decision to increase the block size should be made through a collaborative and decentralized process.

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