The Libertarian Party Attempts To Destroy "The Liberty Movement" Once And For All

The Libertarian Party Attempts To Destroy "The Liberty Movement" Once And For All

The Libertarian Party has done it folks! They have managed to find a group of presidential candidates even less compelling than Jo Jorgenson. As the United States continues to spiral out of control into a totalitarian nightmare, the party of liberty continues to hit an all time high of being incredibly uncompelling. The "state hates you, so you should vote for politicians who will never win," strategy is failing to gain traction going into the 2024 election season.

The strategy appears to be in line with Joe Biden's attempt to control demolition the American economy and spirit, and it seems to be successful. The US presidential race is still uncertain, but all candidates appear to support the status quo of coercion, war, and money printing. One libertarian candidate you have never heard of said, "We can't end the Fed right away, we just have to slowly move away from it."

Michael Rectenwald appears to be the most notable candidate as he has written some books and has the most podcast appearances. Despite that, it is a huge misallocation of capital to donate to his campaign when you can spend time earning Bitcoin to defund the state, vs funding him to speak to empty rooms or podcasts with 5-6 regular listeners.

Many had hope that Dave Smith would run for president after he told everyone he would cryptically over 1000 times. He even alluded to it on the Joe Rogan podcast. He has successfully demoralized everyone who had hope by rug pulling his campaign, even after he said Michael Malice would be his press secretary. Smith is the only libertarian to have been on the Joe Rogan podcast, and is the biggest libertarian podcaster, which makes him king of the libertarians.

One libertarian podcaster suggested that the Libertarian party should clone Ron Paul so he can run as a Republican again, as he is the only notable libertarian candidate to ever run, get elected, and spread the message. "I want Ron Paul to run again so we can shift the conversation back to talking about ending the Fed instead of actually using Bitcoin in order to actually end the Fed," one podcaster said. "Ron Paul was great. He got a room full of statist Republicans to applaud the idea of legalizing Heroin."

The Libertarian Party in many ways is just a fringe autistic version of the Republican party that seeks to never get elected by both being not compelling, as well as too silly to sake seriously. It's okay if they never get elected though because it's all about spreading the message of liberty despite who wins or loses. Spreading the message of liberty is kind of like the political version of a participation trophy.

All of this coming together points to coordinated attempt to convince people that their only option is to vote for the statist parties, or sit at home and smoke weed while watching the horrible Atlas Shrugged movies on Amazon Prime. Fortunately their plan is failing as people are understanding more and more that liberty and voting are completely opposed to each other.

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