The New Saylor Conspiracy Theory Which Is Breaking The Internet

The New Saylor Conspiracy Theory Which Is Breaking The Internet

In response to the arrest of 2 individuals involved with the Samourai Wallet project, the seizing of the companies servers, and a disruption in service for many individuals using the wallet, Michael Saylor has responded by tweeting AI generates pictures with cryptic messaging. In reaction he tweeted a picture of red soda can with the Bitcoin logo on the side, saying "#Bitcoin is Refreshing."

There has been a growing group of individuals who believe that Saylor is actually a trojan horse working inside of the government and fiat financial system to change it from within. They believe that his tweets provide cryptic messages that only a few individuals can decipher, and that this tweet of a soda can was actually him signaling support for the developers.

Magoo is unable to read Saylor cryptic messages. This tweet suggests that Saylor has an exit plan from the US if needed.

People following this latest conspiracy theory claim that Saylor himself, using a pseudonym, has been dropping cryptic messages also on the online chat forum, Stacker.News. In what they are calling, "S Drops," he appears to be signaling that Saylor has a plan to liberate the world through Bitcoin.

Saylor's alleged username is an account that just goes by the letter S. The first post appeared to be Saylor explaining that he was the rightful successor to Satoshi because he has bought a lot of Bitcoin, been on the most podcasts, and spoken at the most conferences. He claimed the succession was broken when the community failed to respect Gavin Andreeson's accession.

While some say it is indeed Saylor, other's say the self aggrandizing nature of the post suggests it could be someone like Craig Wright claiming to both be Satoshi and also Michael Saylor for some sort of validation.

The individuals following this account claim that Saylor's public discouragement of using Bitcoin as money, as well as the general negativity towards the Bitcoin cypherpunk ethos is all a ploy to distract from what he is secretly doing behind the scenes to further Bitcoin adoption. Stacker user @DarthCoin responded to an S drop saying, "I trust the plan and have faith in you."

While the theory is unfounded and seems to be easily disprovable, many extremist personalities are finding solitude in the idea that Michael Saylor is not actually a federal agent accumulating Bitcoin for the federal government to 6102. To the keen journalist, the idea of expecting Michael Saylor to use an online platform that requires the use of lightning is beyond laughable.

It does seem pretty reasonable though to consider the plausibility that different individuals working within the industry could be using online platforms under pseudonyms in order to communicate things they would not want to publicly, given the US Federal governments insistence on noncompliance with the American people.

While we all may hope that somebody has a plan and it is easy why, during such turbulent times, that believing that Saylor has a plan is attractive. This group believes in the idea of Saylor bringing knowledge to the masses, creating a universal awakening, allowing the world to be orange pilled. Let us all dream of this utopian reality awaiting us.

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