The Quarantine, A Bugle Short Story

The Quarantine, A Bugle Short Story

In the year 2024, something dramatic and unexpected happened. The people of the world woke up and put a stop to the destruction of their communities. What sparked the fire of revolution was unexpected. It was not a charismatic politician, nor a media company. Instead it was an unlikely radio broadcaster named Bill Hooper. A man who had enough, and broadcasted his convictions into the dark void.

Pinetop, Arizona

A man was broadcasting from his cabin, in the same way he had every night for years. His broadcast had one goal, to wake up the people of the world to the reality that wealthy and powerful individuals were colluding to enslave them. Tonight he was feeling particularly frustrated because it appeared the world was not waking up.

"Listen to this broadcast tonight because everything can change in an instant. All that is required is that individuals with brains wake up and do something about the horrible situation we find ourselves in. It's apparent that if we don't do something, these people will get away with all the money printing and Covid lockdowns. Not only will they get away with it, but they will likely do it again," Hooper pleaded with his radio audience.

"What we need to do to prevent the world from continuing on as a open air prison, is to imprison the ones that are doing these things to us. I call on the people of the world to quarantine the globalists, the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, and everyone who claims they have right to rule over you. Things are beyond dangerous right now, the situation is dire. You, the listener have the information, but now it's on you to do something with it."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

James was a mechanic. He had worked at the same small auto shop owned by uncle for the last ten years since he graduated high school. On his drive to work, he would listen to Bill Hooper. This morning in particular, while listening to Hooper's broadcast, something clicked.

James knew there was something deeply wrong with society. He had survived the 2020 Covid lockdowns without getting vaccinated, and without too much damage to his psyche and personal life, but one thing he could not escape was the rising costs of everything. The US government had printed trillions of dollars in just a few years, and showed no sign of stopping. As he drove by the McDonalds he often would grab breakfast from, he reminded himself that his paycheck would be deposited into his bank account that evening, and he just had to ignore the hunger until then.

"I'll be able to get McDonalds on the way to work tomorrow. It's just a day of hunger," he told himself. Maybe it was the hunger or maybe it was the frustration of having only $5 to his name, but James was feeling exceptionally ungovernable today. As he listened to Hooper's broadcast, the words echoed in his head. "We need to imprison the ones that are doing this to us," Repeated over and over in his head.

"That would be nice," he thought. "But likely what will happen is that no one will take action on this. "I would like to but where would I start? Other people need to join me in this endeavor," He thought.

So many attempts had been made to protest the things being done by politicians and corporations. Truckers had protested by blocking highways and shutting down cities with their trucks. People had even stormed the capital to try and make sure their preferred politician, who had promised to take care of the American people, would be appointed to power, instead of the other guy who openly talked about his plans to destroy the US.

But it seemed that no matter how hard the people protested the policies destroying America, the destroyers only became more powerful. It was almost as if, with every protest, every attempt the people made to fight back, the security state only became more powerful.

James quickly pulled over to the side of the road. He was only 5 minutes from his destination but he knew this could not wait. He quickly opened his phone and begin typing on the popular social media website, Facelook. He quickly created an event one month from the current day called Quarantine DC.

"Bill Hooper is right, we need to quarantine the bad people who keep destroying America. I don't want to kill them, but by building a wall around Washington, DC to keep and quarantine these people, I imagine they will have a major attitude adjustment in about two weeks. Get it? Two weeks to stop the spread, but instead of us, it will be the politicians that are quarantined. If enough of us band together, we will be able to stop them. I will see you in Washington one month from today, and will put a stop to this. On July 4th, 2024, we will put a stop to this nonsense."

Was this a fools errand, or was this truly a start of a revolution?

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Rocky lit a cigarette. He didn't believe they were that bad for you. He then opened up his phone and opened the Facelook app to see that an event was trending called Quarantine DC. The event had been posted only an hour ago, and already had a million people saying that they would attend. He quickly clicked on it to read what it was about.

"We need to quarantine the bad people who keep destroying America.... I imagine they will have a major attitude adjustment in about two weeks. Get it?" He read. The idea seemed ridiculous, but not only had a million people signed up, a Bitcoin fundraising page had already raised $1 million to support the building of a wall.

"It's good they are using Bitcoin, anytime anyone has tried to raise money for people to stop the bad guys in DC, their bank accounts had been shut down," he thought. Never before had Rocky ever seen something like this, and he quickly clicked the option saying that he would be going. Rocky operated heavy machinery, and knew that with his bulldozer, as well as his crane operating skills, he would have the ability to significantly help the cause.

What this event needed was people who had the ability to build the wall to quarantine politicians. "I will be there if it's the last thing I ever do. We need to put a stop to this madness," Rocky thought to himself. He quickly donated $100 of Bitcoin to the event before returning to work.

Washington, DC

The President of the United States was sleeping in his chair, the way he did everyday while the people that actually ran the country did their work. He could not be bothered, or so he thought until he heard a lot of fast talking.

"We need to put a stop to this immediately before it gets out of control," One of the top generals was telling his chief of staff. "Things like this need to be shut down before they spiral out of control. We cannot let the people even get an ounce of steam or else they will get us."

His chief of staff responded by saying, "What, do you seriously think millions of people are going to show up to Washington, DC in order to build a wall around us, turning DC into an open air prison? We should encourage this because when they fail, and we stop them by using the military, there likely will never be an attempt to resist us ever again," his chief of staff responded.

The President was sleepy, and bored. He needed another hour or so of sleep before the doctor came with amphetamines to wake him up for a celebration of diversity.

Two Weeks Later

"America is waking up," Hooper bellowed into his microphone. "I never expected it to happen so abruptly but it seems that a mind virus more powerful than the CIA mind control has taken ahold of America. Already this movement has raised over $100 million with no sign of slowing down. These people are scared because they know we mean business."

In the past two weeks, a lot had transpired. The politicians in DC had started to get worried. The FBI had taken James into custody for his organization of the Facelook event. Over 40 million people had signed up to help the event, and they had raised $1 billion in Bitcoin with little sign of it slowing down. The event had been deleted off of the social media site, and the media had waged an all out war trying to discredit the movement in every way possible.

"Those are Nazis who want America to descend into chaos. What's important to remember about the politicians in DC is that they were all elected by the people. They represent you and keep our country functioning," TV broadcasters read from the script.

Nobody could really tell what was going on. It seemed like nothing had really changed, but all over the country, there was a buzz of excitement. Politicians were in hiding because every time they showed their face in public, people would begin chanting, "Stop the spread, stop the spread."

This was a reference to the event that was being held on July 4th, 2024. Instead of getting shut down, the event had only grown in size and scale. The powerful individuals in Washington had attempted to stop it. They had arrested James, shut down the Facelook page, ran counter narratives in the press, but no matter their best efforts, it seemed that there was nothing they could do to stop it.

It had gotten so bad that many people in Washington had resorted to considering a shut down of the internet and declaring martial law in a ditch effort to attempt to stop it. But moral was low in the military, and they were not confident that the troops would respond well to this idea. Now the conversation was shifting towards fleeing the country.

How could the politicians possibly seek to stop at least 40 million angry people who wanted to do to them, what the politicians had done during the Covid Pandemic?

July 3rd, 2024

The people of the world were descending on Washington, DC. Instead of bringing protest signs with them, they brought building materials and heavy machinery. The military had erected barriers around DC, and had threatened to fire upon anyone who attempted to go inside their perimeter, which the people laughed at as it seemed the military had already done a bit of work for them.

There were rumors running wild that the military was not loyal to the politicians, and that tomorrow they were going to lay down their weapons and attempt to defect. The generals had implemented strict controls over communication, speech, and behavior. They had instructed military leadership to shoot anyone who stated their intention to defect, or supported the army of protestors.

The protesters state that their intent was to build a large wall in order to restrict the movement of the people in the city, and they intended to it nonviolently. Though they promised that they would defend themselves in the case they were fired upon. In an attempt to intimidate the protestors, fighter jets and drones flew overhead constantly.

The Air Force had threatened to blow up anyone who attempted to erect any sort of barrier. The government had gone into full blown self protection mode. The internet had been shut down for a week, leading only to more frustration from the people. Many individuals who had been on the edge of supporting the protest, had now flocked to Washington, DC either to join in the effort, or just to witness the spectacle.

At least 100,000 people had been arrested and were being held in heavily guarded camps around the country. What scared the politicians most, is that this seemed to do little to deter the people, who were fed up of being stolen from and mistreated.

Nobody knew what July 4th would bring. Would things devolve into a bloody and violent chaotic mess, or would the soldiers collectively lay down their arms and join the American people in building a wall and quarantining the politicians? What would the morning bring?

July 4th, 2024

It was still dark out when Rocky hopped on his bulldozer, and lit his cigarette. The agreed upon start time that had been relayed to him was 4:00 AM, and as he was about to start his bulldozer, he heard the sound of diesel engines starting up like an industrial orchestra. Never before had Rocky heard so many engines running in unison. It sounded like being at a NASCAR event but with hundreds of thousands of vehicles running at the same time. The noise was so powerful, that for people walking on the street, they could feel the ground slightly vibrating.

Overnight, 70% of the soldiers had deserted their posts and where nowhere to be found. Some of them had joined the protestors, but most had just disappeared into the night. The noise from aircraft overhead had nearly stopped, but a few unmanned vehicles were heard buzzing.

The army of blue collar workers began working on the wall. Never before in human history had there been such a momentous gathering of noncompliant working class individuals. Without cell service, internet, banking services, they had been able to organize together in order to do the unthinkable. They were building a wall around Washington, DC in an attempt to quarantine the politicians who wanted to start more wars and continue destroying American society.

Despite an election on the horizon in November, the disenfranchised people had rejected that as a potential solution, had settled on this as the only viable solution. On the the diesel heavy machinery, slogans that had been used to promote locking down the country were written. On Rocky's bulldozer read, "2 weeks to stop the spread."

The government had assassinated Bill Hooper in an attempt to stop the movement, but once again, this only emboldened people like Rocky. Once the Facelook group had been created, the necessary momentum had been reached. Any action taken by government to stop the people, fell flat. They had tried everything in their power to stop these people, but in all their attempts, they had only revealed their disdain for the American people, which continued to energize and strengthen the movement.

What was taking place was a shift in the American people, where they had put aside their differences and realized that the only way forward was for them to remove the cancer from society which was the freeloading exploiters who did nothing productive for the country, and appeared to be trying to destroy it as quickly as possible.

Opportunists who had tried to co-opt the movement to self promote had been severely limited in their abilities to disrupt due to the shutdown of the internet. What instead had happened was that sophisticated HAM radio networks, lead by American truckers, had been created to communicate and organize. This movement had no centralized leadership, and consisted of many small cells of various groups working together. This is what had lead to the success of the movement, as having no central command made it incredibly difficult to stop.

American architects had come together to draw up plans for the building of a 100 foot tall, concrete wall to be built around the DC metropolitan area, and the money donated to the movement had been used to purchase the necessary materials needed in order to build it.

Rocky moved his bulldozer into position and began moving dirt in order to create flatter the ground where the wall was to be built.

The White House

Inside the white house, there was panic. The military was in shambles, and it appeared that no one was left to protect them. The majority of politicians and staffers who had tried to escape outside of DC had been stopped and returned unharmed to the capital. Now, many of them gathered in the white house to shout at the president and blame him for the situation they found themselves in. They knew fully well that that this would not last for two weeks, and would continue indefinitely.

"When we are stuck in here for months, and the American people realize they don't need us anymore, they will keep us here forever," The South Carolina Senator wailed in a southern accent. "We should have never opened up things after Covid. We made so many mistakes. We should of kept pushing when we had such a large portion of the population complying with our policies," He continued.

Who he was talking to was not clear, as the majority of the room consisted of various politicians crying, and babbling incoherent things. The wall was being built, but it was not on the southern border. Instead the wall was being built around Washington, DC. After July 4th 2024, the world would never be the same again.

Sometimes history changes, not because a politician declares a change, but because normal, average, everyday people stand up and say that they have had enough.

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