The Sovereign Voter

The Sovereign Voter

Hyperbitcoinization is leading individuals to rethink the definition of what it means to be sovereign. When politicians were saying bad things about Bitcoin, it was easy for Bitcoiners to fall into the trap of believing in individual autonomy. In the wake of all the honest mistakes during the Covid 19 lockdowns (none of which were intentionally malicious), Bitcoiners flocked towards dangerous ideas like voluntarism and general rejection of fiat authority.

They believed these ideologies, not because they were true or helpful, but because they felt unrepresented by their elected leaders. Now that these elected leaders, and their Wall Street handlers are embracing Bitcoin, the perspective of the Bitcoiner has changed, and a new breed of sovereign individual is forming.

Today's sovereign individual, armed with nothing to hide, is taking it upon themselves to engage the political process through voting. By casting their ballots, and giving their consent to the system which rules them, they are in fact taking their sovereignty back. To them, it is not about what the politician believes or does, but about the nice things they say.

The current game theory being discussed by these sovereign voters, is how to influence politicians to see who will say the nicest things about Bitcoin. The winner of this competition will get their votes. While nothing really changes other than redirect, the optics of political candidates talking about the technology of blockchain is what matters.

Like the Libertarian party, sovereign Bitcoin voters are shifting not only the narratives, but the optics around Bitcoin in the eyes of the public. While the Libertarian Party has accomplished tremendous progress by getting people to talk about freedom instead of participate in making it a reality, the sovereign voter is following in their footsteps by going to conferences to listen to politicians talk, as well as boosting PODCONF content on the topic.

There does seem to be a faction of individual who is detracting from the voting ecosystem, that believes in individual responsibility, the importance of privacy, and actually experiencing freedom instead of talking about it. These individuals are misguided and have not read enough about game theory.

For the world to change, it requires individuals to surrender their own personal responsibility, and outsource it to the ruling class. Our society is not the way it is because individuals have allowed it to become this way, but because individuals have not voted hard enough for politicians to lead us properly. The sovereign voter is seeking to change that by surrendering their own personal responsibility, submitting their KYC information, and going to the ballot box to hoist the responsibility onto the politician to change things for them.

By casting their votes, these individuals are expressing their sovereignty in a revolutionary way.

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