The Spookiest Halloween Party: Saylor, Bailey, Kasperov, Lopp, and Andreeson

The Spookiest Halloween Party: Saylor, Bailey, Kasperov, Lopp, and Andreeson
Photo by David Menidrey / Unsplash

The world is changing, and the spooks are attempting to determine where they now fit into it all. This week, Michael Saylor organized the spookiest halloween party by inviting the usual suspects over to discuss subverting the Bitcoin community in new and creative ways.

Garry Kasperov and Alex Gladstein discussed how they could convince Bitcoiners that Julian Assange was a great threat to democracy. Bailey discussed how he was going to continue to promote drivechains, and other contentious forks. Marc Andreeson discussed how to convince Bitcoin companies to hire more HR people, as well as launching a new FTX to end the next cycle with a bang. Saylor listened intently to it all, double checking the recording devices were working. Lopp seemed to be there for unknown reasons, but may have been invited due to Casa's new logo, which looks awfully similar to the chart of secret pedophile symbols released by the FBI.

All in all, the party made out to be the spookiest event in Bitcoin this Halloween. There have been many a spooky gatherings before. One of the most notable ones was the New York agreement in 2017 where spooks gathered in an attempt to push a bad scaling solution.

Craig Wright was upset he was not invited to the party and called them all traitors publicly, which garnered a reaction from Edward Snowdon, ragging on him for losing a court case to Hodlnaut. Jason Lowery had reportedly been invited, though could not make it due to prior engagements elsewhere.

What the goal of the party was is unknown. Saylor seems to have something big up his sleeve for the upcoming bull market, and appears to be trying to get all his chess pieces in motion.

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