A Statist Bitcoiner Manifesto

A Statist Bitcoiner Manifesto

The state is necessary for a safe society in the electronic age. Statism is not weakness. Being a statist should fill you with pride and be something that you want the whole world to know. Being a statist is living life as if you have nothing to hide, complying gleefully with mass surveillance, taxes, and other important aspects of state worship. Even if you do not agree with everything the state does, it is an important institution and therefore legitimate and justified. The core of statism is about worshipping and believing in the institution of the state.

If two parties have some sort of dealing, there must be a third party participating in order to tax and regulate the transaction in order to make it safe. Permissioned commerce is entirely necessary or there would be anarchy. In order to accomplish this, there needs to be an erosion of privacy so that there too can be a restriction of speech. Speech must be regulated under the guise of free speech, in order to bolster strong state ran institutions. We must cast out critics of the state, and create environments like heavily moderated social media platforms, podcasts, and conferences in order to create official approved narratives.

Since we desire safety, we must ensure that no party is privileged to privacy and that third parties collect KYC data on individuals. When a man signs up for Coinbase for the first time, there must be an intrusive data collection process in order to ensure they are not participating in freedom which could threaten the statist's safety. The job of the statist is not only to comply with safety protecting activities like KYC, but also to lobby for and promote them. If the statist is not working to help the state dominate other helpless civilians, they are failing in their civic duties.

There is nothing more dangerous to the institution of the state as a money that cannot be confiscated and or censored. Therefore, eliminating any forms of privacy using that money is vital. All computer hardware must be backdoored, as well as software. The statist must work to must pass laws forcing developers of messaging apps to backdoor their cryptography, allowing law enforcement to have special keys.

A society with a strong state requires cooperation from industry, media, academia, and clergy. Dissidents should be handled promptly and decisively. Criticizing the state is a crime because the state is safety and security.

Statist Bitcoiners demand regulations on cryptography, KYC, and other forms of digital identification. The act of encryption, in fact, removes information from the public realm, and therefore makes it more difficult for law enforcement to prevent crime. Passing laws to help the state self fornicate and stomp out resistance is imperative. We need more transparency (elimination of privacy) not less in Bitcoin.

The Statist Bitcoiners are actively engaged in making the networks safer. Let us proceed together apace.


Dick Greaser

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