Triple Elite Memes Losing Members To Swan Sex Cult

Triple Elite Memes Losing Members To Swan Sex Cult

In a move that is rocking the Bitcoin community, the notorious Meme vigilante group has been thrown into disarray as there appears to be a civil war throwing the group into chaos. A small group of members of the meme gang have been reported to be defecting in order to join Swan Bitcoin's underground sex cult. TEM had previously stood in solidarity in denouncing Swan's rumored sex cult, but as more members did research into the shadowy, underground activities, they became enticed with the promise of easy Twitter engagement, and sexual satisfaction.

Sources inside Swan have reported to the Bugle that HR launched a formal investigation into the rumors of the cult, only to find that the it was so top secret, that none of the employees had ever heard of it. Despite this, the cult still appears to be luring members of TEM away, giving credence to the reported accusations that, "Swan buys all your friends." Some are speculating that the group uses some sort of hypnosis on employees to make them forget the events to protect the secrecy of the group.

Mars Hodl, the president of TEM held a press conference via Twitter spaces to address the issues. "TEM has never been stronger. The members who have left are beta losers anyways kissing the influencers feet to get a little action. True members of TEM don't actually have to join a sex cult in order to get some. They won't be missed. We will continue to do our thing."

While the Bitcoin community grapples with confusing revelations, the Bugle will continue to break the hard hitting news necessary to truly understand the facts of this situation.

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