Biden To Send Arms To Iran Before Invasion To Make Fight Fairer

Biden To Send Arms To Iran Before Invasion To Make Fight Fairer
Photo by UX Gun / Unsplash

The Biden administration has taken the idea of equity and inclusivity to a whole new level this week, as the White House has announced that they would be assisting in arming Iran before a soon to come invasion. The White house has been reportedly working with the Taliban to redistribute weapons left behind by the US military in Afghanistan, to Hamas, Hezbollah, and the nation of Iran. Also the White House is preparing to ship over F16 fighter planes to help bolster the Iranian air defense.

"The United States has a long history of funding the terrorists we eventually fight because we want to the fight to be fairer," Joe Biden said at a press conference on Monday. "We are the United States of America, and giving them weapons is like fighting with an arm tied behind... you know. Barack did, so I will too. Iran is a bunch of terrorists so we must arm them before we fight them." The President then seemed to aimlessly wander off stage before his wife was able to grab him and redirect him to the exit.

The move seeks to bolster the American economy as it requires large contracts to the defense industry to purchase and manufacturer new weapons for the coming invasion. Many political commentators have questioned the readiness of the US Military as they have all been vaccinated with the super safe and effective Covid vaccine, and have also implemented super effective diversity policies which have rooted out the toxic masculinity within the ranks. The US military stands at a place of never before inclusivity and is ready to protect democracy globally by continuing to build nations in the Middle East.

A small group of online extremists have been critical of the move to arm Iran, as well as the US militaries willingness to invade a sovereign nation. Some have been spreading misinformation like that bankers are responsible for the wars, or that the publics willingness to support the war in manufactured consent.

Bitcoin Twitter has moved away from being experts on bonds this week to being experts on the war. Some are in support of Israeli/US lead intervention. Some are in support of the militants which attacked. Others are repeating over and over that Bitcoin fixes this situation, without much more clarification beyond that.

The Israeli government applauded the move to arm Iran, as they will also be partaking in the invasion. Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, shared a few comments on the matter, "The harder the Iranians fight back, the more civilians we get to bomb. After we are done bombing all the civilians in Gaza, we will march on Tehran."

What is apparent in all of this is that the war appears to be escalating and the people subjected to being ruled by their various governments in all countries involved, have zero say in what the response to the horrific terrorist attacks in Israel is. The west seems ready to inject inclusivity into the Muslim world, as well as protect democracy through coercion. These are dark times, but fortunately we have such a strong leader in Joe Biden to protect and lead us.

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