US Government Bans Use And Creation Of Hillary Clinton Memes

US Government Bans Use And Creation Of Hillary Clinton Memes

Hillary Clinton memes will now be designated as weapons of mass destruction, and will be regulated by the ATF. The regulatory agency cites the potential for memes to threaten the foundations of our democracy by spreading dangerous misinformation that will be rebunked 6 months after an initial debunk. The main concern about Clinton memes appears to be the potential for individuals to be shocked out of their hypnotic trances, and for them to stop listening to the "War Machine Media."

Hillary Clinton memes have had serious implications on elections and can be always traced back to Russian origin. The regulation of memes is the first time in American history that speech is being classified as a weapon. The ATF is attempting to classify them as weapons of mass destruction, citing them leading to election of Donald Trump as president in 2016. Steven Dettelbach, director of the ATF said, "There is nothing more dangerous than the people electing the person we told them not to. We are doing everything in our power to prevent that going forward by regulating dangerous memes which spread dangerous misinformation."

Misinformation truly is dangerous and can lead to disastrous situations such as just about every major war that US has been involved in. It would seem that the US government's classification of dangerous misinformation is radically different than what the average person would classify it as. The White House's definition of misinformation reads, "Any speech used to try and convince individuals to question or reject our authority."

Douglas Mackey is the first documented case or prosecution for Clinton memes

It is rumored that Iran is currently hosting servers for Russia that have tens of thousands of Hillary Clinton memes on them. The Iranians have threatened to circulate the memes on 4chan if the US were to invade the country. Prior to the Israeli war, the US State department had been in talks with the Iranians to send neutral observers to ensure none of the memes were incredibly dangerous.

The ATF has yet to disclose licensing for possessing Clinton memes, but unlicensed creation, possession, and dissemination could will be met with hefty fines and potentially prison sentences.

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