$Wodndor 🚪 Founders Upset March Maxi Madness Betting Pulling Liquidity Out Of Their Token

$Wodndor 🚪 Founders Upset March Maxi Madness Betting Pulling Liquidity Out Of Their Token

A group of individuals, which Pledditor has taken it upon himself to publicly list for our convienence, has launched a token called $Wodndor on the Solana Blockchain. While this group claims to be Bitcoiners, many such as Mr. Hodl are questioning if they are actually shitcoiners because they are pumping a Solana token. The group claims they are just doing it for the memes, but it is pretty obvious they are in it for the money.

Twitter user, and founder of the Gegelsmr4, took to Twitter to accuse the Bugle of intentionally launching March Maxi Madness in order to pull liquidity out of his racist shitcoin.

"After Saylor go involved with March Maxi Madness in order to help Bekka upset Magoo, the betting markets for MMM went nuts and we saw a steep decline in token liquidity. It appears the Bugle is trying to attack $Wodndor 🚪," Gege posted on Twitter.

It appears that a group based out of Las Vegas created a rapidly growing betting market for individuals to gamble on who they think will be winner of MMM. Some are speculating that famed gambler Tone Vays may be involved with it and that there may be live betting happening at the D Hotel in Vegas.

There have been wild swings in votes causing many to speculate manipulation of the results. Bugle poll watchers have stated they have seen nothing but organic votes, many coming from countries like India and Pakistan, where individuals like Peter McCormack have a very organically grown fan base.

Betting markets forming around MMM means there is much higher likelihood for manipulation of the results. There is a monetary outcome and not just the glory of victory. Hopefully the people betting on the competitors will send split lightning payments to them for being the champions they are betting on.

The degeneracy of gambling on twitter polls appears to be trumping the masculine urge for people to gamble on racist named Solana tokens, completely disrupting the shitcoin ecosystem.

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