Weather Channel To Begin Providing Halving Forecasts To Boost Viewership

Weather Channel To Begin Providing Halving Forecasts To Boost Viewership
Photo by Brian McGowan / Unsplash

While Wall Street is growing increasingly more interested in Bitcoin, the Weather Channel also appears to be interested in trying to appeal to a younger, more autistic generation by discussing Bitcoin.

Being a TV news channel, the organization cannot fire all their writers and replace them with Chat GPT like other reputable news agencies have been doing. Instead, they have to find a new way to attract new watchers. TV news agencies are battling with the reality that their key demographic, old people who don't know how to use their cell phones, are dying off.

As a result, the executives at the Weather Channel have picked a handful of opportunities that they deem as a potential to increase viewership. One strategy includes broadcasters to share their favorite weather related memes, as well as to make halving price predictions, and general Bitcoin forecasts. The channel hired Surfer Jim to be an on the ground reporter at the Meme Factory's Halving Party in El Salvador, which strangely coincided around the same time as the Bitcoin Cash halving.

The executives at the Weather Channel have announced a road map to getting viewership back on track.

Phase 1: Get support and attention from Bitcoiners by talking about Bitcoin

Phase 2: Have weather reporters go on Bitcoin podcasts and speak at conferences

Phase 3: Pivot to shitcoins, decry Bitcoin maximalism, take full advantage of the bull market.

Phase 4: Have an amateur MMA exhibition match.

Weather or not the Weather Channel will be successful is yet to be seen. The space is likely to welcome more price predictions from TV talking heads though. Network TV talking about Bitcoin is a sign of the mass adoption the prophecy foretold of.

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