Merriam-Webster Dictionary Now Accurately Defines Taxation As Theft And Extortion

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Now Accurately Defines Taxation As Theft And Extortion
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In a controversial, yet based move, Merriam-Webster has quietly updated the definition of taxation to be, "When a government extorts their citizens out of money with threats of violence." Prior to the update, they had some generic definition along the lines of, "The act of collecting taxes." The move shows that the dictionary is moving more towards a direction of neutrality instead of blindly supporting government actions.

Janet Yellen expressed her complete displeasure with the change by saying, "The government provides many valuable services to their citizens, such as waging war, locking down society for pandemics, and censoring dangerous individuals. We are not extorting, we are just ensuring people pay their fair share to fund these activities." Yellen has been a loud voice in support of money printing, but also increased taxes to support two foreign wars the United States is currently involved in.

The dictionary's change in definition is just one addition to the ever growing sentiment of distrust and even disdain for the political system. Dennis Porter commented on the change by saying, "Labeling taxes as theft is not how we get political change. We must pay our taxes like good citizens, and you pay me lots of money to lobby the politicians you are paying taxes to in order for them not to smite you off the face of the earth. It's not the time to lose faith in the political process."

Despite Dennis' inspiring words, many are losing faith in the political process as things seem to be trending in the direction of being unable to use Bitcoin and actually be compliant with the tax man and regulators. The burden of serving the looters is getting to be a bit too much and people are at a loss of what to do. "Should I pay my taxes, or feed my family?" One man asked on a Twitter poll.

In reaction to the news, the Biden White House has introduced a bill to congress to allocate another $10 billion to the IRS to explicitly harass poor people to pay their taxes. The Biden admin appears to be worried that poor people are using cash to get around paying taxes. They appear to be particularly worried about commerce happening outside the banking system at farmers markets, garage sales, and other businesses that deal largely in cash.

Will Bitcoin prove to be a meaningful escape hatch for individuals seeking to protect themselves from extortion? Or will Dennis' world view of the orange pilled toiling in ever subservience to the ruling class prevail? It is the individual's choice to determine what their outcome will be, but one thing is certain which is that as long as there is government, there will be violent extortion.

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