Leak: White House IT Staff Reprimanded For Mining Crypto On Security Servers

Leak: White House IT Staff Reprimanded For Mining Crypto On Security Servers
Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com / Unsplash

In another blow to Joe Biden's credibility, IT staff working at the white house were exposed this week for mining various cryptocurrencies on White House secure servers. The Biden administration has been very aggressive towards trying to disrupt cryptocurrency adoption across the world, and this news is major stain on his credibility. There is also evidence pointing to Biden's knowledge of the mining operation and that he may have been receiving a portion of the mining income himself.

Rumors began circulating that Hunter Biden was involved in the scheme and that he was diverting 10% of the mining income to the "Big guy." It seems that every time the President's son visits the White House, there is a scandal in the media.

This news comes on the heels of a Republican impeachment inquiry into the President. Some right wing talk news hosts are calling the news the worst offense a sitting US President has ever made. Sean Hannity said, "It's obvious Biden is lost and has no idea what's going on. He probably doesn't even know what cryptocurrency is and approved Hunter Biden to direct the IT staff to mine on the servers. He's really hurting the reputation of the dollar which is bad for the US."

Many individuals were baffled by the news as it is a pretty clear example of hypocrisy. Nic Carter, and Brian Armstong both sent very angry tweets out directed at the President. Donald Trump on the other hand promised that when he became President, anyone mining cryptocurrency on the White House servers would be arrested for treason, as he prefers the dollar.

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