Why Freedom Tech Requires You To Sell Your Dignity, Self Respect

Why Freedom Tech Requires You To Sell Your Dignity, Self Respect

Imagine you have the most powerful technology in the world with the potential to disrupt the entire financial order and eliminate central banking? What would be the proper direction to take? Well it's obvious that the only step forward is to sell out. Why should you buy into a system that threatens the established order in an attempt to free yourself and others who have been financially, spiritually, morally, and physically conquered by psychopaths? The obvious rational would be instead try and court these psychopaths who believe in their political authority to rule you, for cheap engagement on social media and a handful of NPCs buying your conference tickets.

Come one guys, central banking is not that bad. Inflation only hurts a little bit and is transitory. Endless wars are good for the economy and national security. That's why we shouldn't be taking Bitcoin that seriously. It's more of a social club to talk philosophy about how the world should be different, instead of actually changing the world. The last thing anyone should do right now is take the risk of noncompliance in the face of watching bankers and politicians destroy everything. Compromising with murderers and pedophiles is what will bring a bright orange future.

We must compromise our integrity at every opportunity we can. First we must engage with KYC for mass adoption. Then we must beg for regulatory clarity and get ourselves captured. Then we need to misallocate our wealth towards politicians campaigns, only for the government to attack us despite the bribes paid because the technology we use is still an existential threat to their existence. Creating lasting change and putting evil people in their places does not matter. What counts is the interviews you get to shoot with politicians on the way.

When politicians say nice things about Bitcoin, it means we are winning, right? Especially politicians who will never win. The worst thing you could do right now is to build a parallel circular economy outside their control. Please attempt to vote your way out of this instead of realizing the state hates you and we are at war with these criminals.

Satoshi designed Bitcoin halvings to coincide with presidential elections as a reminder to get out and vote. He wanted everyone using bitcoin to be completely obsessed with politicians to the point where they are drooling when they walk by. We were meant to compromise our dignity to feed into a system designed to abuse us. Attempting to create a future worth living in for our kids and grandkids is a fools errand, when we can just comply and ally ourselves with the looters today.

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