Why It Is Important To Water Down What Bitcoin Is To Get Stupid People To Use It

Why It Is Important To Water Down What Bitcoin Is To Get Stupid People To Use It

This article was inspired by Dan Held

The reality is that Bitcoin's primary use case as being censorship resistant money with an auditable supply and fixed monetary policy is not good enough. While fiat money is turning the global economy upside down, and things are careening towards WW3, the stupid people still cannot see the importance of Bitcoin. Explaining Austrian economics, and showing clear examples of how the state is violating them is just is not convincing. Instead, we have to stupefy Bitcoin with things like BIP 300, and Ordinals in order to get the stupid people to use it.

Why would someone buy Bitcoin as a savings mechanism? That's too much to expect of the NPC. Time preference is a concept beyond their capacity to grasp. No instead, we need to make Bitcoin more like Ethereum. It's all about adoption and the reality is that stupid people will not be able to see the importance of the Bitcoin network unless they can buy monkey jpegs on it. Ethereum did well last bull cycle because transaction fees were so high, nobody could use the network.

Instead of presenting Bitcoin as a way to evade oppressive taxes (aka thefts), present it as a way to make more money in a KYC environment so you can pay more taxes! The money you will be earning will be going to roads, schools, and bombs. "Hey kids, you should speculate on pictures of wizards because you will be able to make a lot of money, which then will be taxed to the point where it's only a medium amount of money, but in the process you are funding the government!" This sales pitch will be a sure way for individuals living within the matrix to see the value proposition of Bitcoin.

When the NPC tells you that Bitcoin is backed by nothing, ignore their ignorance and just talk about number go up. "Oh yeah man, well Blackrock ETF you poor. Here's how you sign up to Swan." See the only way we will hit peak market saturation is by becoming as stupid as the stupid people. We need to forget the idea of Bitcoin being a monetary revolution, and allow it to become fully coopted in order to get rich. Why should we promote only using custody solutions because Elizabeth Warren will ban self custody and it's dangerous. You can't expect stupid people to custody their own funds.

The reality is that expecting people to just become smart and understand basic facts is just too much to ask in this day and age. We are competing with what they are being taught in public schools and on TV. Seriously, how can you expect to compete with the Operation Mockingbird CIA Programming on the television? We need to pack as much nonsense into a Bitcoin block as possible in order to attract the stupids. That's the only way that conference seats will be filled.

If we build it, the stupids will come.

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