Why Politicians Using Crypto To Launder Money From Ukraine Creates NGU

Why Politicians Using Crypto To Launder Money From Ukraine Creates NGU

While much of the Bitcoin world is enamored with various NGU indicators, causing the macro analysts to hit the podcast and Twitter spaces tours once again as a result of the ETFs, there is an even more bullish indicator forming behind the scenes. The deep state has been adopting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a break neck pace in order to properly handle the massive inflows of money directed towards Ukraine that needs to be directed back into politicians and deep state officials bank accounts

It would appear that the American politicians are getting Orange pilled quicker that the American youth who are still distracted with Dogecoin, Tik Tok, and Andrew Tate. Leaked emails revealed Hunter Biden explaining to different high ranking officials how to properly Coinjoin Bitcoin before washing it through various off shore exchanges who conveniently donate to their campaigns, foundations, charities, etc.

While many think that Sam Bankman Fried was a criminal and agent of destruction, in reality, he Orange Pilled more Washington politicians than maybe even Dennis Porter, allowing them a convenient way to launder money at ease. They undervalue the proposition of internet money that is not printed, and many are rumored to be stockpiling significant NON KYC stacks with their stamp seeds stored in their doomsday bunkers.

Imagine if you were a politician. Everyone has a price at which they can get bought, and acquiring non compliant, secretive Bitcoin is a valuable prospect to many. How else can you explain congress waiving Ukrainian flags after voting to loot the treasury?

The Deep State are the individuals who really control the world, or at least serve the people who control the world, meaning they have the wealth and power. That wealth and power will have a major impact on the general PODCONF ecosystem, bringing in more sponsorships than ever imagined. BlackRock will be able to outbid Swan on buying influencers in the same way they are out bidding the American public for buying single family homes.

What we are seeing is the most bullish thing happening, besides a major central bank directly buying Bitcoin and custodying it with Coinbase.

Now many plebs may be upset at what appears to be a double standard of politicians looting the treasury and laundering money using cryptocurrency, while imposing stringent regulations on average individuals in regards to reporting. The reason for this is simple. They are elected officials and under the constitution, have special privileges that average individuals cannot be allowed to have.

Imagine allowing everybody to murder for national security reasons. That would be a disaster as murders would just declare any murder a reason for national security. Or peeping toms spying on their neighbors for "National Security Reasons." It's a farce to think that average individuals should be allowed such privilege.

No this is why we have a democracy to have the will of the people determine who has the special privilege to murder, spy, and steal. In our government's attempts to keep our society safe from Vladamir Putin and whatever reason they say it's worthwhile to protect Israel in order to protect us, they should have special rewards and kickbacks. They are working hard to keep the American public safe from themselves and further freedom internationally.

Your most bullish price predicitions are bearish for what happens next. Through plebs adhering to strict compliance with government, and increased money laundering through government, we will see Bitcoin super cycle.

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