Will Clemente Predicts Stablecoins Will Outperform Bitcoin Next Cycle

Will Clemente Predicts Stablecoins Will Outperform Bitcoin Next Cycle

Will Clemente has made a bold prediction that stablecoin value will out pace Bitcoin value in the coming bull cycle. This is a bold prediction seeing as stable coin value is pegged to the dollar, which rapidly loses purchasing power over time. If his prediction were to come true, it would mean that the value of Bitcoin versus dollars would have to consistently go down in the next bull run, which would actually make it a prolonged bear market.

Not only is Clemente bullish on stablecoins, but he is also bullish on the people backing the stablecoins, as he is encouraging investing in Coinbase stock despite it dramatically underperforming Bitcoin since its IPO. His investment strategy is making itself out to be the most contrarian investment strategy during a time of massive inflation. It is so outlandish, that many are wondering if he is trying to compete with Jim Cramer.

Mark Goodwin has been absent from Twitter after viewing Clemente's post. He has reportedly been crying uncontrollably in his room and has been unreachable. Goodwin has been waging a war on stablecoin replicators, and having a powerful chartboy/thinkboy like Clemente switch sides is a big blow to his cause.

This next cycle will likely see many strange investment strategies from influencers, as they try to recoup lost sponsorship revenue from the prolonged bear market. It is critical to trust their judgement, because if they are saying it on a podcast, it is likely good investment advice, even if they say it's not investment advice.

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