How The Next American Civil War Could Be Funded By Meme Coins

How The Next American Civil War Could Be Funded By Meme Coins

Celebrity memecoins have been the new rage on the Solana blockchain, which have significantly lowered transaction fees on Bitcoin, as the shitcoin speculators have been drawn to the inferior blockchain, to the chagrin of influencers like Dan Held and Udi. Now the entire crypto ecosystem is speculating on a Solana Meme coin that is rumored to have ties to the former president of the United States.

The United States, according to mainstream media, and political commentators like Tim Pool, is on the verge of civil war following the Donald Trump conviction. The presidential selection process in November will likely on yield chaos, as Americans are sharply divided on which geriatric politician they prefer to steal from them, for the next four years.

With the rumors of a Trump Campaign meme coin, and predictions of civil war, some political experts are citing that celebrity memecoins could used to fund a civil war. In the last American Civil war, society was not controlled by celebrity influencers like it is today, though some historians consider Stonewall Jackson as a historical example of an influencer, based on how much his soldiers respected him.

One of the obstacles facing a challenging force to the US federal government in the scenario of a civil war, is the funding mechanism to fund a war, as they do not have a central bank. By launching celebrity meme coins, celebrities could act as war lords, using funds earned from printing tokens to feed and arm their armies of the influenced.

Different blockchains could compete to be the primary funding mechanism for a civil war, leading to more cyrpto intercoin toxicity. Charles Hoskinson has promised that Cardano will be the dominate the memecoin market in this scenario, despite the blockchain failing to accomplish anything noteworthy besides galvanizing memers to unite in making fun of Hoskinson.

Max Keiser making fun of Charles Hoskinson and Cardano, the second most credentialed blockchain

The future of warfare is changing rapidly, and memecoins have the potential to escalate conflict dramatically, bringing up the conversation once again about censorship on blockchains, and questions of decentralization. In the scenario there are contentious memecoins used for conflict, there is a likelihood to see attempts to censor these tokens on certain blockchains that do not have sufficient decentralization.

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