Without Government How Would Dennis Porter Lobby For Us?

Without Government How Would Dennis Porter Lobby For Us?
Dennis Porter explains how he uses Jedi mind tricks on politicians to get them to support pro-Bitcoin policy

This is the question that keeps me up at night. What would Dennis Porter save us from if we did not have to worry about government disrupting our ability to use a technology that was made as a market response to their horrible actions? A world with out Dennis is not a world I want to live in, but is an important idea to explore.

Dennis has saved Bitcoin from complete destruction multiple times. Anybody that disagrees is obviously not aware of the 5d chess that he has been playing behind the scenes in Washington DC, as well as state capitals around the country, to keep Bitcoin from getting shut down by Elizabeth Warren's army of angry moms whose sons lost all their money trading Dogecoin on Robinhood. The stakes are far too high to not have a man in Washington representing our interests and trying to orange pill individuals whose paycheck comes directly off the blood soaked money printer.

Porter is our real life version of Wesley Mouch from Atlas Shrugged, who did so well at protecting Hank Reardon. Many readers of Atlas Shrugged may find themselves admiring characters like Dagney Taggart, or John Galt when in reality they should be admiring characters like James Taggart and Wesley Mouch. It's the characters who influence legislation that make the world go round, not the people building and innovating. The ones building and innovating exist only to fund the ones who pass the legislation.

The reality is that even if Dennis was not successful in his endeavors to selflessly protect us, it still feels good to have someone advocating in your corner. It's like the HR person who always asks the boss for you to get a raise, but never accomplishes it. You still have someone to represent your feelings, and listen to your concerns despite your circumstances not improving. The validation allows you to complete your tasks and continue to trudge forward.

Many Bitcoiners believe in a world without government which would be terrible. If there was no government, there would be no one building roads for Porter to drive on in order to lobby politicians. How would politicians drive to the Bitcoin Magazine conference to give speeches where they say a couple nice things about Bitcoin? Without statism, things would get too inexpensive due to the lack of taxes. There might be a possibility of free market commerce which would make people too free. The constraints of government are more important than ever right now as government leads us to the brink of the end of the world.

Without KYC laws being enforced during an economic collapse, how would the IRS continue to survive if people just chose to not pay their taxes and use money privately? We cannot have that because if that happened, Satoshi Action Fund would get zero donations because their services would not be needed as there would be no one to lobby. What would Dennis Porter do in a world like this?

Well Dennis is a talented guy. In a world without politicians to lobby, there would still be productive things to do. Hopefully we will never truly have to see the answer to the question of what the world would like without Dennis lobbying for us.

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