Yellow Blows The Whistle On Replicators Infiltrating Bitcoin Twitter

Yellow Blows The Whistle On Replicators Infiltrating Bitcoin Twitter

There exists amongst us a group of beings that are not human. They present as human, but in fact are a machine race from P3S-517 in the Milky Way galaxy and are capable of reproducing themselves indefinitely. One common way to determine whether or not someone is a replicator is by their ability or inability to generate any original ideas and or content. Replicators instead parrot whatever the general idea at the time is. They are not very good at explaining Bitcoin, and use terms like "macro" and "thermodynamics" incorrectly. Fortunately, a yellow puppet is blowing the whistle on this grave threat.

The replicators do not have good intentions for the human race, or Bitcoin Twitter. They appear to be intentionally infiltrating different societies, including Bitcoin Twitter in order to try and disrupt any pure signal by repeating nonsense over and over. There are key terms to used by replicators including, macro, thermodynamics, bullish, stackchain, etc. Rather then generate original ideas, they seek to replicate other ideas and replicate other people replicating ideas.

The replicators all go to conferences in order to replicate their ideas in person. You will know you are listening to a replicator when you taste the color grey. The Swan conference in LA this week has reportedly been completely coopted by replicators. Swan replicators are unique compared to other replicators because when examining their internal electronics, they use a much higher content of gold. A Swan replicator will weigh significantly more than a normal replicator as a result. If you bring a scale with you, you might be able to covertly weigh attendees to determine what type of replicator they may be. Visibly, Swan replicators have a unique gold shine from their hair, and wear white T-shirts and blue jeans, as if they were in a shampoo advertisement.

Fortunately, we do have weapons to fight back against this tyranny. Nayib Bukele has been investing in physical weaponry to disable the replicators, but there are other nonviolent ways to resist. One of the biggest ways to defeat the replicator army is to generate original content and break out of Twitter narrative loops. In order to do this, it is vital to be a critical thinker and question everything. Right now for example, there is a trend of women on Bitcoin Twitter getting pregnant. Is this truly an organic phenomenon of Bitcoiners spreading their seed, or is a replicator plot? While some cases may be organic, there is likely a replicator, replicating this happening and turning it into a never ending drone.

To defeat a threat, you must first understand the threat. The deafening roar of people regurgitating ideas like "Bitcoin mining saves the grid" or, "the most altruistic thing you can do for humanity is die with your keys," can be silenced by original thought and content. Think creatively and do not blindly parrot the replicators.

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