Zac Prince and Whit Gibbs To Start Mining/Dog Washing Venture

Zac Prince and Whit Gibbs To Start Mining/Dog Washing Venture

Zac Prince (Founder of Blockfi) and Whit Gibbs announced this week that they would be starting a new mining and dog washing business together called Crypto Clean. When asked why the weird combination, Gibbs expressed he was mixing two industries together that he had experience in and that dog washing would provide an alternative revenue stream in the bear market.

Mike Novagratz is rumored to be the lead investor in the company, and some are wondering if he will be the logo of the company, as some have characterized him as looking like Mr. Clean. "It would only be appropriate for Mike Novagratz to being Mr. Crypto Clean," @fullkycstack said on Twitter.

Both Prince and Gibbs claim they have learned from their mistakes in previous ventures, and that this one would be significantly better. Prince told the Bugle, "My main motivation in doing this venture is to pay American Hodl back for the bet I made. I'm going to pay it and I'm tired of every Twitter anon reminding me about it so I'm blocking them. I don't have the Bitcoin now but I will have it very soon. I offered Hodl equity in the company to make up for it, but he told me he doesn't own shitcoins."

It is not unusual for companies to blend multiple industries together. Airlines have been blending credit cards and flights together. Swan has blended media and Bitcoin exchange. Most of the time, the industries that companies serve compliment each other well. Miners will supposedly be used to dry the dogs by walking them up and down the hot aisle a few times. This will likely be a popular product for people who like Bitcoin and dogs.

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