American Bitcoin Miners Consider Signaling Support For Trump Via BIP-8

American Bitcoin Miners Consider Signaling Support For Trump Via BIP-8

After a historic meeting between former President Donald Trump and several of the most prestigious Bitcoin miners in the world, U.S. based miners have reportedly started preliminary discussions to follow the protocol detailed by BIP-8 to signal their symbolic support for Donald Trump in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

Sources familiar with the meeting told The Bugle are putting together a proposal to bring back to their shareholders which allegedly outlines plans for all publicly traded American miners to signal their support for Donald Trump's presidential bid. "It's mostly a symbolic gesture meant to intimidate Democrats and libs who want to destroy Bitcoin" one C-Suite executive who attended the meeting was reported to have told a Mar-a-Lago staff member who was serving Wendy's Baconators to other attendees. According to one source the staff member responded, "Sir, this is the Wendy's table".

Representatives from publicly traded mining companies including RIOT (RIOT), CleanSpark (CLSK), Marathon Digital (MARA), and Terawulf Inc (WULF) were summoned to Mar-a-Lago by Bitcoin's unofficial CEO and the "man in charge" of Bitcoin Magazine, David Bailey to teach President Trump about Bitcoin mining and persuade him to put tariffs on Bitcoin transactions broadcast from foreign countries in order to make the U.S. the most profitable place to use Bitcoin.

Their efforts apparently paid off. President Trump tweeted from his TruthSocial account that he know thinks Bitcoin mining is America's last line of defense against the CBDC and Bitcoin will help to make the U.S. energy dominant, once again. According to his tweet, he also believes communists, China, and Russia are strengthened by President Biden's Bitcoin Derangement Syndrome.

Chinese based Bitcoin miner manufacturer Bitmain released a statement in response to rumors condemning the proposal. Bitmain is threatening to stop selling its popular ASIC chip equipped Ant Miners to American customers and even hinted at using a backdoor feature to brick any Ant Miner which signals support for Trump, permanently destroying the expensive hardware.

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