Ben Justman Hospitalized For Mental Breakdown After Listening to Higher 10,000 Times In A Row

Ben Justman Hospitalized For Mental Breakdown After Listening to Higher 10,000 Times In A Row

Ben Justman has reportedly been hospitalized after listening to Higher by Creed over 10,000 times in a row, causing a mental breakdown. Reports were that he was found by his father, rocking back and forth murmuring, "I want to see the golden streets." When his father tried to console him, he stood up and started shouting the chorus of the song over and over, prompting an involuntary commitment for mental health concerns.

There is speculation that Ben took the responsibility of increasing the price of Bitcoin upon himself as a result of reading Samson Mow's tweet. This brings up the dangers of psychological warfare using catchy 90's songs. Psychologist Jordan Peterson commented on the matter saying, "The CIA has been known to torture people by placing them in a room and playing the same Creed songs over and over again until it mentally breaks the individual. Bitcoiners are essentially submitting themselves to psychological torture willingly in order to try and make the Bitcoin price go up. It is a deeply concerning matter and is resulting in them losing track of important things like making their beds in the morning."

It appears, despite Jordan Peterson's credentials and title of "expert" he knows nothing of the importance of a bull market anthem like Creed's Higher. While he thinks it is concerning, others see Justman's actions and mental breakdown as a heroic effort. Bitcoiners are gathering outside of the hospital playing Creed over and over in solidarity with Justman. One supporter reached out to the Bugle saying, "He is a martyr who put himself in a bad position selflessly to pump the price for everyone. Higher price means higher adoption which means freeing humanity. We can all take inspiration from him."

Some have blamed Samson Mow for Justman's mental breakdown, saying that he is dangerously using memes. There was a public outcry as he dangerously mixed a Dune and Creed meme, causing Bitcoin to quickly rise then fall. Some are calling for a regulatory council to manage Bitcoin memes to ensure the price only goes up.

As the bull market really begins taking off, there is a high likelihood that more individuals will suffer mental break downs and become hospitalized. While bear markets may be grueling and cause Bitcoiners to suffer, the constant euphoria as a result of watching your net worth grow rapidly. Nashville authorities are already bracing for extremely unhinged behavior at the Bitcoin Magazine conference in July. It is rumored that the Mayor is considering putting the city under curfew during the conference in preparation for the event.

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