Biden Reminds Hamas That He Armed Them, Before Traveling To Israel Tomorrow

Biden Reminds Hamas That He Armed Them, Before Traveling To Israel Tomorrow
Photo by Rachel Coyne / Unsplash

Joe Biden is traveling to Israel this week to meet with Israeli leaders in a show of support, and intent to send arms packages to the middle eastern country. In a press release today, the president reminded Hamas leaders that he had armed them and that they should behave during his visit. "Remember all those weapons I gifted you in Afghanistan. You wouldn't be here today without me. You better behave while I visit," the press release read.

Vegas betting markets have been thrown into chaos on whether Biden will survive the trip. "There are so many ways the President could die on this trip. He could trip down the stairs, he could have a heart attack, or he could get taken out by a missile. His press release likely means Hamas will behave though," one odds maker commented.

The trip marks a rare event of a US president visiting an active war zone and many are questioning the wisdom of doing this. It seems a major potential for escalation as the US military is readying troops at the border of Israel, with two air craft carrier groups stationed off shore as well. This conflict has marked the first time so many high profile US politicians have traveled to a hot conflict like this. Lindsay Graham is currently locked in battle with Hamas in Gaza.

The Israeli government was likely not happy with the press release as it was the first time the Biden administration admitted gifting the Hamas terrorist organization weapons. There will likely be heated discussions about this behind closed doors, but no one from the government has yet commented on this development.

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