OP_CTV Proponents Pen New Term for "Shared UTXOs": Collective User Custody of Keys (C.U.C.K.)

OP_CTV Proponents Pen New Term for "Shared UTXOs": Collective User Custody of Keys (C.U.C.K.)

In an effort to raise support for the proposed Bitcoin soft fork outlined by Jeremy Rubin's BIP 119, otherwise known as OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY (OP_CTV), or simply "covenants", proponents have penned a new term to help users understand how they work. Proponents will use the term "Collective User Custody of Keys", or C.U.C.K., in place of "shared UTXOs".

Earlier this year, OP_CTV supporters used A.I. to generate photos of people with ruben sandwiches for heads to raise awareness and support for signaling an upgrade to the Bitcoin protocol which would allow users to share UTXOs in the form of virtual UTXOS. Nobody really understands how this works despite Shinobi and others spending hours explaining it to a chorus of boos and trolling on Spaces.

However, Rubin's Rubens haven't given up. They hope the new term will do a better job describing how covenants can scale Bitcoin and make on-chain sovereignty available to more people. One covenant supporter told the Bugle, "Think about an open relationship. Just because your wife spends the night with your neighbor Dale or the traveling CUTCO knife salesmen with a baggy suit she met in the mall parking lot doesn't mean she isn't YOUR wife. If you and the aforementioned gentleman don't come to consensus on who gets to spend the night with her, the ability to unilaterally exit the agreement still exists."

Collective ownership of private property helps ensure everyone maintains the value and quality of property which OP_CTV proponents are hoping the new term will help people realize. Time will tell if this new approach will be successful. New podcasts and Spaces are being scheduled as this article is being written to help users understand the proposal.

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