BitBoy's Bold BSV Boast: A Spiteful Pledge to Colombia Post Herbert Skirmish at Bitcoin 2023

BitBoy's Bold BSV Boast: A Spiteful Pledge to Colombia Post Herbert Skirmish at Bitcoin 2023

At the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, a bizarre spectacle unfolded between BitBoy Crypto, the notorious crypto influencer whose real name is Ben Armstrong, and Stacy Herbert, El Salvador's Bitcoin champion and El Zonte Capital member. Following a very public row, Armstrong made an audacious vow to bring Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) to Colombia - seemingly out of spite.

For the uninitiated, BitBoy Crypto, otherwise known as Armstrong, is a controversial figure in the cryptoverse, known for his shock-value assertions and seemingly dubious commitment to BSV, a cryptocurrency often viewed with skepticism. The latest clash involving Armstrong and Herbert occurred on May 19th, 2023, at the annual Bitcoin conference, serving as a flashy reminder of the theater inherent to the crypto world.

Herbert, a noted proponent of Bitcoin, has gained substantial respect through her efforts with El Zonte Capital and her work fostering Bitcoin acceptance in El Salvador. But at this year's conference, Armstrong's erratic antics landed Herbert in a head-to-head dispute that concluded with Armstrong's audacious promise.

In the middle of heated discussions around blockchain, DeFi, and the future of financial ecosystems, Armstrong and Herbert exchanged sharp words, captivating conference-goers. Armstrong's vow to bring BSV to Colombia seemed a stunt born more of spite than strategic foresight.

Many attendees questioned the legitimacy of Armstrong's pledge, along with his motives. His abrupt declaration to bring BSV, a lesser-known offshoot of Bitcoin, to Colombia was baffling, considering the country's cautious approach towards cryptocurrencies and its current lack of interest in BSV.

Many see Armstrong's grandstanding as an attempt to diminish Herbert's achievements in El Salvador, a country that has become a poster child for Bitcoin adoption, thanks to the efforts of advocates like Herbert. Armstrong's vow appears to be less a genuine commitment and more a blatant jab at Herbert's accomplishments.

Craig Wright, the infamous Satoshi impersonator and founder of BSV, applauded Armstrong's statement. Wright, known for his extravagant claims, found an ally in Armstrong, highlighting the peculiar alliance between the two controversial figures. Critics, however, point out that Wright's endorsement of Armstrong's BSV campaign may have more to do with their shared flair for controversy than any strategic merit.

As we wait to see if Armstrong's grand BSV plans for Colombia materialize, it's worth noting that Herbert remains unfazed by Armstrong's ploy. She suggests that the real influencers in the Bitcoin community are those who tirelessly work to foster meaningful financial change, not those who exploit crypto for personal grandstanding. A hint, perhaps, that in the world of cryptocurrencies, where outrageous statements often steal the show, genuine dedication and consistency can be overshadowed by the circus of self-promotion.

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