Bitcoin Fixes The Need For Killdozers: Remembering A PreBitcoin Casualty

Bitcoin Fixes The Need For Killdozers: Remembering A PreBitcoin Casualty

The story of the Killdozer is a popular one amongst non compliant individuals, who have tried to comply with little success with non compliant governments. It is a story about an individual who got fed up, and took non compliance to all new highs as he converted a bulldozer into an armored vehicle and used it to dismantle government buildings in the small town of Grandby, Colorado in 2004.

Marvin John Heemeyer could not see any other way out, as his fateful decision happened 4 years before the release of the Bitcoin white paper. In the end, Heemeyer caused significant damage to government buildings before taking his own life in a final act of non compliance. While many deem him as a hero for his actions of taking perceived government non compliance into his hands, he truly is a casualty of living before Bitcoin.

If you are a Bitcoiner, you would know that Bitcoin fixes this situation. Heemeyer likely did not see a reason to continue to want to live seeing as no matter how hard he complied, the local government would not leave him alone. This is an issue of time preference, as well as hope for the future.

Building a Killdozer on a Bitcoin standard means saving money to stack more Bitcoin.

Because of Bitcoin's thermodynamic soundness, individuals have the ability to store their wealth noncompliantely. Bitcoin's NGU is the hope that we all need to continue living, and tolerating government noncompliance. As government becomes insolvent, we become increasingly more solvent. This is the hope we need to avoid building our own Killdozers.

For individuals who are daydreaming about building their own Killdozers, and demolishing noncompliant government buildings, think about all the Bitcoin you could stack instead of spending on a Killdozer.

A wise man named Pierre Rochard once said, "If you have an old Japanese bull dozer that you are tempted to convert into a Killdozer, you are short Bitcoin."

Today we all mourn the 20th anniversary of Marvin John Heemeyer's decision to not comply because he did not have Bitcoin yet.

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