Bitcoin Magazine Board Sentences David Bailey To 10 Day Silent Yoga Retreat

Bitcoin Magazine Board Sentences David Bailey To 10 Day Silent Yoga Retreat

This article was inspired by a news tip from a reader.

Reports from inside Bitcoin Magazine are suggesting that David Bailey will depart for a 10 day silent yoga retreat at an undisclosed location, as mandated by the board of Bitcoin Magazine. They are reported to be concerned that his Twitter antics are negatively impacting the companies brand and image. The board still has faith in David, and his ability to lead the company out of the bear market, but also believe that he needs a break from Twitter to better evaluate his behavior when interfacing with the public. "David, we want you to be able to breathe and think before you tweet. That's why we think you need some time off to do some yoga on the beach and sit in silence," one board member was reported to have said during the meeting.

Bitcoin Magazine's HR seems to be breathing a breathe of fresh air, as they predict complaints from employees about the CEO's behavior will likely fall dramatically during his short sabbatical. Employees have reportedly been getting angry messages from many members of the Bitcoin community in response to Bailey's tweets, predicting that pictures of jpegs will 1000x in a short period of time. "I'm just here to do my job and I like Bitcoin. I don't want to get caught up in the David's beef with random twitter personalities," One employee who wishes to remain anonymous told the Bugle. "We are a platform of diverse ideas, and publish a lot of opinions. David doesn't speak for the whole company."

The Bugle reached out to other members of the Bitcoin Magazine team and received this response from Shinobi. "I think David is just wrestling with some sort of mid-life crisis, manifesting in a fixation with a modern reinterpretation of his fixation with Pokemon cards." said Shinobi, Technical Editor at Bitcoin Magazine. His interpretation shows that members of the community should be empathetic and supportive of David during this time.

It is likely that many Bitcoin company executives will be sentenced to yoga retreats for unhinged behavior as the bull market continues to pick up. It is important to remain centered when the price is pumping and everyone thinks they are getting rich. Many individuals have made horrible decisions in the past while pursuing the worlds scarcest asset and will likely make more. The board hopes that after David returns from the retreat, he will be full of zen and not as divisive.

While the board was discussing the plans, concerns were voiced that the Bitcoin community might respond to the news, accusing Bitcoin Magazine of participating in a sex cult similar to the accusations leveled at Swan. The Board has been determined that the itinerary of the retreat needed to be published publicly to ensure there was no confusion on the topic.

A summary of the daily agenda includes 3 yoga classes a day, swimming on the beach, eating expensive gourmet foods, massages (without happy endings), and long periods of silent meditation. While the retreat is coed, there is a zero tolerance of any extracurricular activities between attendees, and any poor behavior will result in termination from the retreat. The Bugle wishes the best for David and the great journalists at Bitcoin Magazine, and hope things can get back on track soon.

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