Bitcoin Ossifies After Everyone Blocks Each Other

Bitcoin Ossifies After Everyone Blocks Each Other

Bitcoin has officially ossified as everyone across every platform has blocked each other, making it impossible for users to ever come to consensus on any issue. The ossification started when Peter Todd blocked Luke Dash Jr, which then turned into a "block chain" where different developers blocked each other. What is now being called the "block wars" spiraled out of control to the point where many typical communication channels used to discuss Bitcoin development are completely unusable at this point. The blockage didn't stop at developers but also spread to influencers and memers. Everyone is already blocked by Dan Held so that isn't new, but what was new is influencers blocking Dan Held back. Yellow has reportedly blocked Greg Zaj, causing major disruptions to the 2023 Bitcoin meme gang award winner.

Shinobi has been particularly irritated by this new development as individuals blocking him does not allow for him to sit on Twitter spaces all day debating the fine intricacies of Bitcoin development. Instead, it appears he is going to be left having to monologue to a group of individuals (such as Bugle journalists), who have no idea what he's talking about. It would appear that individuals blocking each other are so fed up with the same disagreements over and over, that they will also refuse to interact in person at conferences, rendering it almost impossible for organizers to organize panels. What is bound to result from this is a bunch of tiny echo chambers being formulated where everyone agrees with each other and when someone has a disagreement, they are thrown out of the group. TEM has already paved the way for this model of engaging with each other.

People's behavior on twitter appears to be resembling the general sentiment of fiat culture, where everyone is wrapped up in focus on who they want to win the next Presidential selection, as they are emotionally invested on who they want to steal from them. The CIA has a long history of infiltrating dissident groups and causing lots of chaos. They famously infiltrated anti war groups during the 1960's and 70's in an operation called COINTELPRO. Intelligence agencies are likely celebrating as the disruption happening in the Bitcoin community right now, and it would not be surprising if Udi got a raise for his wonderful ability to get Bitcoiners to fight each other.

Bitcoin Twitter has essentially fractured into a bunch of high school cliques, more so than it already was. It looks like dark days are ahead of us yet the network will almost certainly prevail through this likely short hickup. The best news to come out of this is that we will no longer have to hear about BIP 300 anymore.

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