Bitcoin Rodeo Round-Up: SlyGoomba's Top 5 Moments

Bitcoin Rodeo Round-Up: SlyGoomba's Top 5 Moments

Calgary, AB - Last week The Bitcoin Rodeo, took place in Calgary. Despite it's name, The Bitcoin Rodeo is not, in fact, a rodeo but a Western Canada's premier Bitcoin conference. It's probably named The Bitcoin Rodeo because Calgary is known as "Cowtown". Since I've never been to Calgary I am not sure if there are a lot of cows there or if it's referring to Canadian women. Nevertheless, Bitcoin podcaster SlyGoomba, of the Why Bitcoin Podcast, posted a thread on X (Formerly Twitter) detailing his top five moments as an attendee of The Bitcoin Rodeo.

  1. Seeing what @SPACEBULL (MVDEX) looks like with clothes on.

Until Bitcoin Rodeo, many Bitcoiners only knew MADEX from the nude photo of him which went viral earlier this summer.

  1. Smelling baby Luca releasing shitcoins from his system as i was chatting with @GhostOfBekka

Bekka, editor and producer of BT Weekly, recently gave birth to her son Luca who hopefully got a free ticket to the conference.

  1. Best power nap of my life I got in during the "why buy mining stocks" panel.

SlyGoomba is not impressed by Bitcoin miner stocks. He would likely agree they are shitcoins.

  1. @adamobrien's laugh single handedly filling the theatre for every mediocre joke told during the roast of @BTCsessions

Anyone who's been to a comedy open mic event knows forced laughter is the key to making open mic caliber comedy events work.

  1. Getting to meet and shaking @PrestonPysh 's hand while telling him he's a loser for removing laser eyes.

A moment of bravery by SlyGoomba who may or may not know Preston Pysh was a U.S. Army attack helicopter pilot.

SlyGoomba's list was only meant to cover his top five moments from the first day of the conference however he never posted any of his favorite moments from the conference's subsequent days or events. (as veteran conference attendees know, one day is enough at most conferences.)

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