Breaking: Bitcoiners Are Selling Their Organs Via The Black Market On Facebook

Breaking: Bitcoiners Are Selling Their Organs Via The Black Market On Facebook

A new emerging market has been developing as Bitcoiners are looking for new ways to stack Bitcoin. Many have already sold all their worldly possessions in order to stack, and are running out of ways to acquire more corn. At a loss of what to do, many are looking to sell their organs onto the black market for Bitcoin. The organs are being sold within sketchy Facebook groups.

Black market organ sales have been a vibrant business globally for quite some time, despite attempts to prevent people from knowing about it. The Chinese government has been harvesting and selling organs or political prisoners for some time. The growing trend of voluntarily selling organs for Bitcoin has a huge potential to disrupt coercive organ harvesting methods like the Chinese have been practicing.

Prices for organs on sketchy Facebook groups has been pretty sporadic as there is an inflow of new supply, but also a huge uptick in demand. The market has been thrown into a temporary flux as new interest is spiking. Many of these organs are harvested in Mexico, and transplants are happening in Mexico as well. Some people have said San Fransisco is a good place to operate due to there already being open air organ markets downtown.

The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping is currently traveling to the US to meet with Biden in San Francisco to express his displeasure about the new disruption to Chinese forced organ harvesting. It is rumored that he is going to suggest Biden have a severe crack down on the black market activities, and to begin forced harvesting of January 6th prisoners as well as problematic homeless people. It is likely to see Bidenomics come to this market at some point, but currently it is operating as a completely free market without taxes or regulations.

The market for organs is providing a new source of income and employment for Bitcoiners that are doctors, nurses, and medically competent. We are seeing a huge drop in doctors and nurses working in hospitals, choosing instead to go work for the black market in order to earn Bitcoin. If you hear about a Bitcoiner with experience in the medical system moving to Mexico, it may be safe to assume they are taking advantage of the new fad.

It has gotten so crazy that even Willy Woo is trying to figure out how to trade kidney derivatives. He has been complaining that Glassnode has not created any charts to track organ pricing and he is missing out as a result. Samson Mow has responded with the idea of creating kidney tokens on the Liquid side chain to allow traders to assist with proper price discovery and to bring more liquidity to the market.

It's good to see that plebs are finding new and creative ways to humbly stack sats. Selling an extra kidney to the black market for Bitcoin is the ultimate power stack and really shows conviction. In 2020 it was all about selling your chairs, but today it has gotten to a whole new level.

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