Cory Klippsten and David Bailey Declare Day of Ji-Hodl To Counter Violence

Cory Klippsten and David Bailey Declare Day of Ji-Hodl To Counter Violence

As tension around the situation in Gaza spreads around the globe, Bitcoiners have found a new way to spread the message of sound money. The tension has hit an all time high as a Hamas leader has called for a "National Day of Rage" and people are on high alert. College campuses across the United States have seen protests in favor of the Palestinians, with protesters chanting aggressive chants calling for violence.

In the media and on Twitter, many individuals such as Ben Shapiro and others have called for extreme violence directed towards Palestinians, and have either cheered on, or been silent in regards to what appears to be the Israeli state targeting civilians.

In the midst of the global chaos unfolding before our eyes, Bitcoiners have found news ways to spread the message of KYC exchanges and goofy hardware wallet devices. Different meetup groups around the country, and even the world have planned protests through the streets in order to spread the message of Bitcoin.

Cory Klippsten of Swan Bitcoin has come together with David Bailey of Bitcoin Magazine to morph their Bitcoin media empires together to influence this day of what they are calling "Ji-Hodl." The theme is unavoidable as every podcaster across the space has been instructed to replicate this idea over and over.

The day includes repeating statements such as "Bitcoin fixes this" like a mantra over and over again, as well as marching through the streets of your local city with signs informing everyone what is going on. One member of the New York City Bitcoin meetup even went as far to spray pain an orange "Jihodl" on the New York Fed building. Another phrase that is gaining in popularity is "Satoshi Akbar."

The Stackchain community took this as a chance to collectively post screenshots of $20 buy orders on Swan and Strike. They were successful in getting stackchain trending on Twitter, which only lead to their meme getting coopted again as the better funded LGBTQ stackchain group coopted the meme once again to pump Target and Bud Light stocks.

The global day of Ji-Hodl has lined up perfectly with Bitcoin Amsterdam, as speakers shared about how Bitcoin fixes this on the second day of the conference. David Bailey spoke saying, "You have the ability to stack like your life depends on it. Stacking sats is the only way to avoid a nuclear catastrophe. You should be angry at FTX for trying to suppress the price of Bitcoin. You should channel all that anger into stacking to pump the price."

Klippsten echoed that sentiment on a podcast livestream as he had painted his face like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Klippsten began shouting, "BITCOIN IS OUR FINAL HOPE. THIS IS A HOLY WAR. USE MY PROMO CODE TO GET SWAN PRIVATE FREE FOR ONE MONTH AND STACK TILL YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS ZERO. NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR COINS."

The Ji-Hodl movement appears to be growing rapidly and has the potential to influence this larger conflict in a more peaceful direction.

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