Bitcoiners Wait in Suspense For More Government Policies Giving Them Permission to Use Bitcoin

Bitcoiners Wait in Suspense For More Government Policies Giving Them Permission to Use Bitcoin

After months of anticipation, a flurry of reports suggest the Bitcoin ETF will be approved as early as January 10. Suspense is building among Bitcoiners as they eagerly await more announcements about government policies which will give them permission to buy and use Bitcoin. Its not just the ETF, Argentina announced this week that financial contracts denominated in Bitcoin would be legal as part of sweeping change taking place as the Milei administration continues shaking things up from Buenos Aires. Additionally, the new FASB rules which set standards and practices for corporate accounting will allow companies that hold Bitcoin on their balance sheets like Microstrategy to report "number go up" in their quarterly reports which analysts expect will result in their stock having more fiat value.

Moods are high and many Bitcoiners are optimistic that the government will finally let them use Bitcoin and enjoy all the benefits that come with a high fiat exchange value. "The best part about Bitcoin is how many dollars it gives me access to. Everyone knows fiat is a scam and government printed money is worthless so having as much of it as possible is my main priority these days." A Bitcoin Pleb said about the prospects of returns the ETF will deliver.

Popular Bitcoin advocate Dennis Porter is doing his part in Washington to Orange Pill law makers and increase the odds that the U.S. government will continue to allow people to use a protocol designed to be permissionless. "No, I don't think it's a waste of time and energy to beg politicians for permission. What good is money if the government doesn't approve of you using it?" Dennis told the Bugle. "We don't NEED permission to use a permissionless system but what about people who get their sense of morality from the state? We want to onboard those people onto Bitcoin too. Its for everyone!" He added.

For now it seems Bitcoin adoption is in a state of purgatory as billions, and potentially trillions, of dollars wait patiently on the sideline losing value until investors get the green light to purchase securitized products which give them exposure to Bitcoin's market cap growth.

Kelly Cosgrove, who met Dennis Porter while attending a Pancake Breakfast for Progressives at a Marriott in Fairfax Virginia, concluded "Bitcoin is probably going to keep going higher forever and fiat currencies are probably going to keep losing value forever. We will be here demanding permission to opt out of this cycle of debasement and ruin in favor of using Bitcoin as long as that's true. If we had an alternative, we'd all take it. Until then, the goal is write 2-3 letters to our elected representatives per day with links to articles from Dennis Porter, Bitcoin Magazine, Coinbase in hopes of Orange Pilling them."

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