Bitmain Avoids Sanctions, Inside Toyota Powered Bitcoin Mine Operated By Hamas

Bitmain Avoids Sanctions, Inside Toyota Powered Bitcoin Mine Operated By Hamas

After a week long investigation into a Hamas mining operation that was exposed after a Israeli Missile flattened a warehouse in Gaza, it has been concluded by super responsible investigators that Bitmain has been working around sanctions to provide Monero mining hardware to Hamas militants. Monero has become the cryptocurrency of choice for the militant group as they seek to avoid Bitcoin because of privacy concerns.

The Hamas terrorist group has been mining Monero with Bitmain's newest generation X5 miner, then sending the proceeds to Binance or Kraken where they then exchange it for whatever allows them to buy more Toyota Hiluxs. The group has been able to operate with perfect privacy until their mining operation was exposed when the warehouse was blown up by the IDF.

It was amazing that the mine did not catch on fire due to a massive lack in electrical safety, and the missile that damaged the mine probably prevented it from catching on fire. The mine made Chinese electrical work look top notch.

Hamas had been powering the miners using Toyota Hilux engines as generators. This was the perfect opportunity as Hamas has been securing below market price gasoline from Iran who is sanctioned and limited on where they can sell their oil. There is speculation that Toyota was also skirting sanctions by selling the trucks directly to Hamas, but this is just a running theory. If a connection can be made between Hamas linked accounts and Toyota based accounts exchanging money, it could mean that terrorists around the world may need to turn to a different manufacturer for their go to small sized pick up trucks.

The ingenuity of the operation really puts into perspective how individuals living in bad conditions can really rally and find ways to survive and fund their operation. Bitmain and Toyota's alleged willingness to work directly with terrorist organizations puts into question the general safety of the average people. Using alternative currencies allows groups of people, but also entire countries to circumvent the benevolent influences of democracy, which keeps us safe.